'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend': Josh Gets Kicked Out of the House -- In the Funniest Way Possible! (Exclusive Clip)

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Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) is having a pretty rough year.

Sure, he's the one that left Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) at the altar in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's finale last season, but his ex's revenge has led to a few less-than-pleasant moments, like that time he got fired from his job, or the last couple of episodes where he's been all but forgotten (episode seven, the last one that aired before the holidays, was even the first that didn't have his name in the title). 

Things are about to get worse on Friday's new episode, "Nathaniel Needs My Help!" Josh's mom, Lourdes Chan (Amy Hill), is so fed up with her grown son moping around her house that she's kicking him out. But in typical Crazy Ex-Girlfriendstyle, Lourdes gives her son the boot by singing to him -- in a karaoke number.

From poking fun at those goofy karaoke videos to Lourdes' church group suddenly appearing to mock Josh, the song "Get Your A** Out of My House" is everything we could want from Josh's mama and more. 

Watch the video above to see the exclusive clip.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Fridays on The CW at 8 pm ET/PT.