'Crazy Rich Asians' Cast Reveals What Storyline They Want to See in the Sequel (Exclusive)

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"More of everything!"

That's what the matriarch of the Crazy Rich Asians family, the iconic Michelle Yeoh, hopes to see in the sequel to the year's best romantic comedy. (Seeing how well Crazy Rich Asians is already performing at the box office, greenlighting a sequel is only a matter of time.) "This really gave us an opportunity to bring you to our side of the world," Yeoh told ET at the premiere. "This movie's going to do so well."

Luckily, Kevin Kwan wrote a trilogy of novels -- including China Rich Girlfriend and then Rich People Problems -- centered around Rachel Chu (played onscreen by Constance Wu) and Nick Young (Henry Golding) and the continued opulence and antics of the Youngs, Chengs, Lins and Khoos. There's one yarn in particular the cast is most looking forward to seeing brought to the screen.

"More of Astrid," Golding immediately answered. Wu agreed, "Her story's fantastic."

Warning, we're now diving into the spoilers deep end. The ending of Crazy Rich Asians sees Astrid walk away from her marriage to Michael (Pierre Png) after learning he was unfaithful. "When I read the book, I was in awe of that character and Gemma plays her impeccably," Golding added. In the book, the dissolution of Astrid and Michael's relationship is a bit more complicated -- he never actually had an affair, for starters -- so perhaps this isn't the last we see of Png within the franchise.

There's another teaser for where her story could lead in China Rich Girlfriend: During the credits, there's a short tag of Astrid at Rachel and Nick's engagement party and locking eyes with a mystery man (Glee's Harry Shum Jr.). This is Charlie Wu, a more prominent figure in the novel than he is in the film. He and Astrid were once engaged, though her family disapproved of him for being new money, and the rekindling of their relationship plays out over the trilogy. (Speaking of complications, when the two reconnect in the novel, Charlie is married.)

And then there's Rich People Problems, which further explores the sprawling Young family tree and may (fingers crossed!) lead to crazy rich flashbacks. "I like in the third book they go into the history," Wu said. The threequel kicks off when Nick is called home to his ailing grandmother (Lisa Lu). "It's the Ah Ma when she was younger, and I think that's so interesting."

Which is to say: There's a lot to look forward to. So, go see Crazy Rich Asians again, and then again, and then again -- you were probably planning to do so anyway, right? Director John M. Chu is ready to return to helm the sequel, "I'm down, for sure. I won't let anyone else!" As for his cast? "Girl, I'm free," Awkwafina deadpanned. "Hit me up!"


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