Cynthia Bailey's 'RHOA' Bachelorette Party Kicks Off With the Ladies Scared and Confused (Exclusive)

Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss are confused by Kenya Moore's party planning on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta.'

Kenya Moore might have missed the mark when planning some shenanigans for the cast's South Carolina getaway.

It's the thought that counts, right? Well, maybe Kenya Moore should've thought a little bit harder about the experiences she planned for The Real Housewives of Atlanta's girls getaway to South Carolina. The ladies are just outside of Charleston, ready for some bachelorette fun in honor of bride-to-be Cynthia Bailey, but the party Kenya planned isn't the sexy soiree the group expected -- and ET has your exclusive first look at the odd event.

The women clink glasses and cheers to the night, but are quickly interrupted by a stranger who runs in screaming… and seemingly bleeding! The woman proclaims (through song) that she's "got a knife in my side," to which someone rightly replies, "What the hell?" The screaming, bleeding lady then collapses on the floor, leaving the RHOA cast confused.

“Give her some air, guys,” Kenya casually tells the group, as it’s all just the set-up for a murder mystery night. That’s when the “police” run into the house demanding the women put their hands up, a command that spooks Porsha Williams into flinging herself over the back of the couch to hide.

"Please don't say they're the strippers," Kandi Burruss whispers to Cynthia, watching in horror as the fake cops begin to dance in front of the ladies.

"Ugh, if she got them to be the strippers, Kenya has gone way too long without any… peanut," she then quips in a confessional.

Check out the whole ordeal here:

It's no secret that a real stripper does eventually show up to the bachelorette weekend, and with him comes a heaping helping of drama as allegations of an after-hours "sex party" follow. When ET spoke with Kenya in December, she promised all questions will be answered by season’s end.

"I heard a lot -- and other people heard a lot, very specific things. Very specific things and very specific voices,” she teased. "We are a cast, and we are in a cast house, and if something happens like that in a cast house while you are working, then it should be discussed. You can't do that at McDonald's! You can't go in the bathroom at McDonald's and have sex with someone and think it's OK because hey, you know, you were in the closet. No. You’re at work."

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