Da Brat and Jesseca 'Judy' Dupart Navigate Wedding and Baby Plans in Preview for 'Brat Loves Judy' Season 2

Season 2 of 'Brat Loves Judy' premieres on June 9.

Things are getting a little heated on the way to the altar for Da Brat and Jesseca "Judy" Dupart! In the sneak peek for season 2 of Brat Loves Judy, the couple is planning their dream wedding (on 2.22.22) and hitting a couple of bumps in the road before saying “I do.”  

At the beginning of the trailer, the rapper is in the studio -- and it doesn’t sound like she’s making a love song. “I don’t ever wanna lose you, we should work it out. Get the f**k out of my house and leave now,” she raps. In another scene, when Judy asks if she can hear the new single, Da Brat says that it’s about her.  

Things heat up more as the couple seemingly get into it during a wedding dress fitting. As the “Funkdafied” rapper stands in a dress during the fitting, Judy asks, “Are we doing it? Are we not?” 


Da Brat tearfully wipes her eyes and says, “I don’t know.” The next scene shows the couple apologizing to each other and making it right, before cutting to their spectacular wedding.  

While things between the pair start to take a turn for the better, their family isn’t too happy.  

After the couple seemingly share that they are having a baby with a cryptic Instagram post, the family -- including Da Brat’s sister, LisaRaye McCoy -- reacts to finding out the news on social media.  

Season 2 of the WE tv series will also explore the couple’s happier moments, like the celebration of Brat and Judy Day in New Orleans, and the surprise 40th birthday party Brat throws for Judy. The pair’s professional lives, Brat’s music career and Judy’s Kaleidescope haircare business, will also take center stage. But of course, it’s all about their spectacular Atlanta nuptials.  

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

In March, the “twin flames” spoke with ET about their special day. “It was the first look,” Da Brat said about the moment they laid eyes on each other. “When I turned around and saw her carriage, I was like 'Oh my god, you look so beautiful.'”  

“We finally got to see each other,” Judy said. “And I had never seen her in her dress, and she had never seen me in my dress. So, that was our first look, and it was like, 'B***h, we getting married right now.'” 

Brat Loves Judy premieres Thursday, June 9 at 9pm ET on WE tv, streaming the following Monday on ALLBLK.