Daisy Ridley Reveals Whether Prince Harry or Prince William Makes the Better Stormtrooper (Exclusive)

The 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' actress weighs in on the royals' skills in the 'Star Wars' universe.

The Star Wars universe is getting a little more royalty.

ET's Carly Steel spoke with Daisy Ridley at the world premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Saturday, getting the inside info about Prince William and Prince Harry's cameos as stormtroopers in the movie. 

"I cannot comment on whether the princes are storm troopers or not," Ridley said, though her co-star, John Boyega, spilled the beans last month.

But if she had to choose which prince would make a better stormtrooper, who would it be?

"Harry," she said, after some thought.

Ridley has met the royals, and joked about casually catching up with them at the upcoming European premiere -- particularly Harry, who's now happily engaged to Meghan Markle. She described the conversation as more than likely going like this: "How you been? You got engaged! Nice! How's that? Great!"

While Ridley said she doesn't think Markle will attend the premiere, she joked that if the former Suits star does decide to attend with her fiance, everyone else will get overshadowed.

"Maybe it's a surprise and then no one will care about the film," Ridley said with a laugh.

As for her own potential turn to the dark side, teased in the film's trailer, Ridley explained that Adam Driver's villiainous Kylo Ren makes the idea more sympathetic than one might expect.

"I think because Adam does such an amazing job in the film, I think so many people are gonna want to play Kylo," the 25-year-old actress said. "It's appealing because genuinely there's so much humanity in all of the parts."

Ridley continued, "Though you can't forgive the baddies for what they do ... I think in this film in particular, you understand it more where it's coming from. It's pretty wonderful that ...you can sympathize with [them], which I think is really amazing."

Audiences can find out which side Rey chooses when Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuts in theaters on Dec. 15th.

For more on Star Wars, watch the video below!