'Dancing With the Stars' Season 25, Week 6 Recap: Best Lifts, Kicks, Tricks and Flips!


ET breaks down all the best choreography moments in the ballroom Monday night!

It was a Night at the Movies on Dancing With the Stars, and fans were in for a real treat!

We had our popcorn popped and ready for Terrell Owens' piece with Cheryl Burke, and our eyes were glued to the screen for Lindsey Stirling's chilling sci-fi routine with Mark Ballas. From top to bottom of the show, there were plenty of highlights and memorable moments from week six, which featured guest judge Shania Twain.

Unfortunately, fans also had to say goodbye to one more pair this season. Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd were the fifth couple to go home following a great run in the competition. 

From the most technical lifts to the performances that made us jump out of our seats, ET's breaking down all the best choreography moments from week six of the competition.

Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev - Argentine Tango, "Dernière Danse" by Indila

Genre: Foreign
Dance highlight: Sexy and sassy! Nikki kicked off the night strong with this tango. We especially loved her fan kick at 0:30, the lift at 0:49 and the flicks at 1:08.
Judges' score: 36/40. "I didn't need subtitles to follow this story … I thought that was great!" - Len Goodman
ET's score: 38/40. We feel like we've been saying this almost every week, but it's true! #TeamSmackdown keeps getting scored way too low. We have a feeling this week's score specifically had to do with the dance order. They performed first, which is always difficult because it sets the bar for the rest of the night.
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Drew Scott & Emma Slater - Paso Doblé, "Legend" by The Score

Genre: Action
Dance highlight: This dance was action-packed, and we could tell Drew and Emma were having so much fun out there! See his best moments at 0:07, 0:27 and 0:57.
Judges' score: 30/40. "I thought all the drama was captured and the balance between the feminine and the masculine strength was very well executed." - guest judge Shania Twain
ET's score: 29/30. Don't get us wrong, we love the Property Brothers star, but we do feel like he was scored a bit too high this week. The other contestants are really stepping up their game and we want to see that same level of skill from Drew that we KNOW Emma can pull out of him. Bring it next week, #TeamHotProperty!
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Victoria Arlen & Val Chmerkovskiy - Paso Doblé, "We Will Rock You" by Queen

Genre: Sports
Dance highlight: The costumes, the props, the set design, the choreography -- this hockey-themed routine was the whole package and we were definitely entertained! 
Judges' score: 31/40. "'It was well rehearsed and so tight." - Carrie Ann Inaba
ET's score: 37/40. Like Nikki and Artem, we felt #TeamViVa was highly underscored this week. Victoria has been one of the strongest competitors since the beginning, and we know she has what it takes to make it far this season. Hopefully your fan votes will keep them safe from elimination next week -- we were quite shocked to hear they were in jeopardy this week.
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Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke - Jive, "Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man

Genre: Spy
Dance highlight: Props to Cheryl for creating choreography that truly made her partner shine out there in the ballroom! This was a new side of Terrell we've been waiting to see and it was fun to watch him channel his inner James Bond. Check out that jump at 0:34!
Judges' score: 37/40. "You're becoming a better and better performer." - Bruno Tonioli
ET's score: 37/40. Thanks to Shania, #TeamGetchaPopcorn received their first 10 of the season, and a well-deserved one at that! It's clear T.O. has improved tremendously since week one, and with Cheryl by his side, we have a feeling he'll only get better from here. But was this dance enough to save them? The two have been in a jeopardy a few times, so it will all come down to fan votes!
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Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson - Jazz, "Holly Rock" by Sheila E.

Genre: Animation
Dance highlight: Who doesn't love a little Frankie freestyle? Although we felt his shining moment started at the 1:06 mark, we also loved seeing him do the worm at 0:19.
Judges' score: 31/40.
ET's score: 32/40. In multiple interviews with ET, Frankie has admitted that he's a "nervous wreck" before he hits the dance floor, and while we haven't always seen that in his performances, we think his nerves got the best of him during A Night at the Movies. There were a few points where he noticeably lost his timing, but it's clear Witney has turned him into a true performer because he had a smile on his face the entire time despite the mishaps. While this wasn't his strongest dance, we love Frankie's passion and definitely aren't ready to see him go just yet.
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Vanessa Lachey & Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Quickstep, "Let's Be Bad" from Smash

Genre: Musical
Dance highlight: Red hot mama! From the dancing on the chair, to her strong high kicks, major energy and attitude, our eyes were glued to Vanessa from start to finish.
Judges' score: 36/40. "You were absolutely gleaming … you killed it." - Bruno Tonioli
ET's score: 37/40. Despite suffering a minor wardrobe malfunction, we thought Vanessa slayed this piece and handled the mishap like a true professional. We're giving her an extra point just for that!
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Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold - Rumba, "Supermarket Flowers" by Ed Sheeran

Genre: Drama
Dance highlight: After receiving the first perfect score of the season last week, the pressure was on for #TeamFishUponAStar, but they nailed it! The dance was breathtakingly beautiful and a joy to watch. Our favorite moments were the gorgeous dip at 0:24, spins at 0:35 and his stunning lead starting at 1:01.
Judges' score: 39/40. "It was like a wave of gorgeousness." - Carrie Ann Inaba
ET's score: 40/40. We felt Len kinda contradicted himself with the critique he gave Jordan regarding the use of his arms throughout the dance. He told him to use his movements like his facial expressions and we thought he did exactly that. It was not distracting in our opinion. In fact, we thought it was nearly perfect!
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Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas - Argentine Tango, "Human" by Sevdaliza

Genre: Sci-fi
Dance highlight: Fierce and futuristic! Lindsey has wowed us since day one, but took it to a whole new level with this piece. She was sharp and executed every movement from beginning to end flawlessly, hitting each beat like a true professional. While we loved it all, we were able to pick a few extra-WOW moments from this routine: the attitude kick at 0:35, shoulder lift into arched-back lift at 1:08 and the trust jump at 1:30.
Judges' score: 40/40. "I thought the choreography was phenomenal, the dancing was brilliant ... you deserve another 10." - Len Goodman
ET's score: 40/40. We've been praising Mark for his creative choreography all season, but this routine may be his best dance of all time (even he would agree). It was extraordinary, and we wouldn't be surprised if this is the dance that gets them the mirrorball!
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