'Dancing With the Stars' Pro Sharna Burgess Reveals She Has Struggled With Her Body Image (Exclusive)

The 33-year-old dancer tells ET it took her 'a lot' to finally love the skin she's in.

Sharna Burgess is getting candid about her past insecurities.

The Dancing With the Stars pro exclusively invited ET to the set of her new dance cardio workout video shoot, where she opened up about her struggles with body image.

"It took me a lot in Hollywood to love the skin that I'm in," Burgess told ET's Lauren Zima. "It's a really difficult business to be in."

"But through movement, through fitness and through dance, I really learned to love my body," she continued.

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It's hard to believe that someone like Burgess -- who has a killer physique thanks to all her dedication in the dance studio! -- could ever be bodyshamed, but that's not the case. She explained to ET that growing up as a dancer, she has been the victim of bullying a number of times throughout her life, which has rattled her confidence.

"Being in the dance industry, it happened as a teen and then it happened certainly seven years ago when I came to Dancing With the Stars," Burgess, who made her debut as a pro on DWTS in 2013, revealed. "You see one mean comment on Twitter or on Facebook and then that sets you off."

And after 11 seasons competing on the dance competition show, Burgess says the bullying has "only really gotten worse" in a sense.

"I think the more people that see you, the more of a chance you have of someone saying something negative about you," she shared. "I had to learn to use the block button. That really is very helpful, but also to remember that it actually has nothing to do with me and everything to do with their own insecurities."

Later in our interview, the 33-year-old dancer confirmed to ET that she will not be joining Dancing With the Stars: Juniors, which premieres Oct. 7 on ABC, following the series' regular season that kicks off Sept. 24.

"I decided not to do the junior season because I wanted to really concentrate on building on this part of my life," she explained. "This was the first time I've had time to do that. Between seasons and tours and everything else it's been difficult to dedicate [time to anything else]."

"And also, I took some me time," she added. "I went on a retreat, I went on a vacation. All these incredible things to feed the soul that I've needed for so long, so it was like a reset. It's been seven really busy years and I just needed a little me time and do a little something for myself so I can get straight back into it."

Burgess also fully intends to spend a few more years on Dancing With the Stars. "They are my family, and I cannot imagine my life without it," she says. "I'm hoping to get another couple of years out of it, and then eventually, babies!"

Burgess says she's still single for now, though friends do want to set her up with people. She's focused on building her empire! Her Dance Cardio Series will be available on Aug. 14, but fans can pre-order it on July 31 here. "The dance workout uses every single muscle there is," she explains of the workout. "Every single muscle is engaged ... there's a lot of rotation and isolation and using all those small muscles." Burgess says your body gets a "lift"! 

In the meantime, watch below to hear more on the fiery redhead!