'Dancing With the Stars': Judges Pounce In Savage Elimination on Disney Night!

Kaitlyn Bristowe & Artem Chigvintsev on 'DWTS'
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Dancing With the Starsreturned on Monday for the third week of competition, and the stars are paying tribute to the House of Mouse!

After the season's first elimination last week, 14 celebs and their pro partners are still duking it out for the mirrorball trophy as they hit the stage to show off their moves in a series of Disney-themed dances.

As Carrie Ann Inaba, Derek Hough and Bruno Tonioli judge and score the performances -- and new host Tyra Banks adds her own commentary to the competition -- ET is following along throughout the two-hour episode to break down all the best dances, emotional moments and most shocking scores.

The show kicked off on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and ET is bringing you all the highlights in real time with our live blog coverage below!

And the Second Star Going Home Is...

6:59 PM:

Even after a fun night of Disney magic, the time has come to give one couple the axe.

Tensions are running high as Tyra reads through the results and slowly reveals which couples are safe until two couples are left -- and than it'll be the judges who have to vote on who goes home and who get's kicked off.

After all is said and done, it comes down to Anne and Keo, as well as Carole and Pasha.

It only took the first two judges to decide that Anne and Keo should stay, thus cutting Carole's time on DWTS short.

"My husband is going to be so happy I'm coming home," Carole says after the vote, seemingly in high spirits despite the elimination.

This means Anne and Keo survive to dance again another week!

Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko Close Out Disney Night in Style

6:50 PM:

Being a Disney princess is a good fit for Chrishell!

Donning an elegant blue gown, the reality star takes to the dance floor with a regally outfitted Gleb to perform a classy waltz from "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella.

The dance is a showcase for their chemistry and Chrishell looks overjoyed to be living out a magical Disney dream.

"Chrishell, the belle of the ball. Gorgeous. You really looked like the ultimate Disney princess," Bruno praised. "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I could feel the romance unfolding."

The fantastical duo earn two 7s and an 8 for a total of 22 out of 30 -- putting them comfortably in the top half of tonight's leaderboard.

Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess Bring Big Apple Charm

6:42 PM:

Jessa and Sharna bring fun, youthful energy to the stage for their jive, set to "King of New York" from Newsies, and the energy is magnetic, while the technicality is a bit off.

The dance is met with seemingly split criticism from the judges. Derek is less than thrilled with the footwork and musicality, while Bruno loves the style and the character work -- and Carrie Ann is in the middle, agreeing with both points.

However, the scores are far from bad. Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 7s while Derek awards a 6 for a total of 20 out of 30.

Johnny Weir and Britt Stewart Bring Carrie Ann to Tears

6:34 PM:

This week's performance means a lot to Johnny, and he gets emotional explaining that he's dedicating it to his parents for their love and support.

Johnny and Britt come out strong with a powerful rumba set to "Reflection" from Mulan, and it's clear the Olympian is determined to give this dance, and this competition, his all.

As gold glitter rains down on the duo, Carrie Ann is brought to tears by the performance, and she showers them with praise, telling Johnny, "I believe in you so much."

"What I really was impressed with, you started to project emotion," Bruno said. "I could read that you were actually playing a character. It came out of you... keep on that way. Because you have got everything."

Their number earns Johnny and Britt three 8s across the board for a total of 24 out of 30.

Nev Schulman & Jenna Johnson Hit the High Seas

6:24 PM:

Every Disney Night, someone ends up playing Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. This season, the honor falls to Nev, as he and Jenna wow with an Argentine tango.

There's no denying he looks the part, and the digital pyrotechnics (and Jenna's undeniable talent) elevate the dance -- set to "Angelica" from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides -- to a new height.

"Another hit for Captain Jack Sparrow," Bruno says with a big smile.

"I appreciated that your lifts were appropriate, and you didn't hide behind the lifts," Carrie Ann adds.

As it usually goes, playing Captain Jack is a boon for the celeb, and it's no different this time around! The pair earn three 8s across the board for a total of 24 out of 30 -- the highest scores of the night, thus far.

Vernon Davis and Peta Murgatroyd Wow Magical Quickstep

6:14 PM:

Vernon and Peta were tasked with delivering a quickstep set to Beauty and the Beast's "Be Our Guest," and they pull out all the stops for the elegant routine.

With Vernon rocking a yellow Lumiere-inspired suit and Peta giving off impressive Babbette vibes, the duo own the stage and have so much charm and charisma they judges can't help but love what they see.

"What you created out there was one of my favorite dances of the night," Carrie Ann says.

The love was reflected in their scores as well. They pair earn an 8 from Carrie Ann and 7s from Bruno and Derek for a total of 22 out of 30.

Kaitlyn Bristowe & Artem Chigvintsev Don't Let Anything Stop Them

6:08 PM:

Despite an injured ankle, Kaitlyn isn't going to go down without a fight -- and she definitely has what it takes to win, even if she isn't at 100 percent right now.

Kaitlyn and Artem come out strong with a beautiful, Polynesian infused rumba set to "How Far I’ll Go" from Moana, and instantly win over the judges.

"For me, best dance of the night by miles," Carrie Ann praises. "I was elated watching it. Great job!"

"You really reminded me of the shape of water. Breaking waves, a wonderful swell, continuous movement. Total flow. It was wonderful," Bruno marvels.

According to Kaitlyn, her ankle isn't broken. An MRI showed she's suffering from tendonitis and shin splits -- but it's still hurting a lot.

What isn't hurting are their scores. The pair nab the top spot on the leader board with two 8s and a 7 for a total of 23 out of 30.


Carole Baskin & Pasha Pashkov Are Lion Kings

6:02 PM:

Carole has been dancing cat-themed routines since the season began -- and for Disney Night she is just becoming a cat. A full-on cat. Seriously, the pair are dressed up as lions and it's something else.

The pair come out for a samba set to "The Circle Of Life" from The Lion King, and it's clear she's been doing her best to work on her timing and steps -- although it's hard to tell if it's going to pay off.

"I'm stunned. I've never, ever seen a samba like this one," Bruno says -- but not as a compliment.

Derek says they deserve a 10 for hair and costume, but not really for the dance itself.

If nothing else, Carole has once again achieved what she set out to: raise awareness of big cats.

Although their scores are less-than-stellar. Carrie Ann awards a 5, Derek awards a 4 and Bruno gives a brutal 3 for a total of 12 out of 30. However, that's still one point better than their first dance of the season.

Nelly and Daniella Karagach Bare Their 'Soul'

5:55 PM:

Nelly and Daniella are one inspiring pair.

Before hitting the stage, Nelly shares his philosophy on life and his words hit home.

"The biggest hurdle is just you believing you can do it. It's not easy," he says of the importance of following dreams. "Hard work pays off. Love what you do, do what you love."

So by the time they come out, the pair have already set the tone for their number and their foxtrot set to "It’s Alright" from the forthcoming Pixar movie Soul, and it's clear his hard work has paid off.

"I thought it was more than 'Alright.' It was great! Really good," Derek praises.

"You were like a real gentleman with your lady. And for the first time, [we saw] a proper slow foxtrot. Which is so hard to do," Bruno adds.

The pair end up earning three 6s for a total of 18 out of 30 -- matching their score from last week.

Jeannie Mai and Brandon Armstrong 'Up' Their Game

5:45 PM:

Jeannie Mai wants to elevate her game this week, so she turned to the high-flying Pixar classic Up.

Jeannie -- in old lady make-up, including a silver wig -- and Brandon -- with large black glasses -- come out with a touching Viennese waltz set to "Married Life" that, as Bruno says, "captures the essence of the film."

The dance stuns the judges and they can't contain their love for the number.

After the feedback, Jeannie explains that it was her fiance, Jeezy, who inspired her performance.

"I specifically chose this dance because J is the love of my life. When we met, I pictured the beginning of this. The minute I met Jay, I couldn't wait to grow old with him," she shares.

Jeannie then absolutely loses it when the judges reveal their scores: Two 7s and an 8 for a total of 22 out of 30!

She's so excited, she runs over to Bruno -- who awarded the 8 -- and steals the score paddle as a souvenir!

Anne Heche and Keo Motsepe Give Their Dance a Herculean Effort

5:36 PM:

Anne and Keo might be one of the most fun, unexpected and wild pairings in recent DWTS memory, and it shows in their on-stage chemistry.

For Disney Night, the duo pay homage to Hercules with a quickstep set to "Zero to Hero," that starts off strong -- before a little slip leads to some mistimed moves.

The judges praise the pair for their bond, but they all point out that Anne and Keo just lost their timing and fell out of sync, which will always prove brutal in the scores.

This week, Anne and Keo earn three 5s for a total of 15 out of 30. While the score is disappointed, Anne keeps on smiling and looking killer in her Greek goddess-inspired ensemble.

AJ McLean Transforms into 'Prince Ali'

5:30 PM:

AJ McLean definitely has Aladdin's light feet!

The Backstreet Boys star comes out with style and grace as he and Cheryl Burke pull off a fun quickstep set to “Prince Ali” from Disney's Aladdin.

The performer certainly looks the part, and the judges can't help but swoon over his improved footwork.

"You're improving and refining every week," Bruno marveled. "That's what you do to win this competition."

The pair earn three 7s for a total of 21 out of 30.

Justina Machado and Sasha Farber Are 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'

5:23 AM:

Justina has come out every week to deliver fun, energetic numbers that win over the judges and the audience -- but this week, despite having a fun routine, she seems to come up just a little short.

Justina and Sasha hit the dance floor for a Charleston set to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from Mary Poppins, and the vaudevillian nature of the number entertained, but was met with some critique.

"My darling, you're so sweetly delicious. Almost addictive. You can sell anything," Bruno marvels, before breaking the news that it felt more like a dance hall routine than a ballroom number.

As someone who's a fan of Mary Poppins and Justina, the number seems absolutely right for the source material, but the judges feel a bit different.

The scores aren't devastating, though. One 7 and two 6s for a total of 19 out of 30.

Monica Aldama Gives Off Mermaid Vibes

5:14 PM:

The Cheer coach says she was disappointed by her mediocre scores last week, and that she wants to come back to the ballroom strong for Disney Night.

Alongside partner Val Chmerkovskiy, the pair go under the sea, so to speak, for a Viennese Waltz set to The Little Mermaid song "Part of Your World," and it really impresses.

"You surfed through it with such confidence and connection. It's so good to see that. You were fluid, you were flowing," Bruno marvels.

It is a sentiment shared by all the judges, who award the couple three 7s for a total of 21 out of 30 -- their highest score of the season thus far.

Skai Jackson & Alan Bersten Bounce Back With a Jive

5:08 PM:

After a notable misstep during last week's performance, Skai decided to tackle Disney Night was everything, and it's clear from the start that she's looking to make up for her previous mishap.

The pair perform a fun, 1920's inspired jive set to "Almost There" from The Princess and the Frog, and it was a lot of fun.

While Derek says that she looks like a "princess" on the stage, he had some problems with the dance itself. Bruno says she attacked the dance "with focus," and that she "did very well."

Carrie Ann remarks how it must be harder to dance "without an audience" which is obvious to everyone watching at home.

They pair earn three 6s across the board for a total of 18 out of 30. It's a serious improvement over last week!

Tyra Goes Minnie Mouse

5:02 PM:

Tyra is really getting into the spirit of the night!

Rocking a red and white polkadot dress, the new host is paying tribute to Minnie Mouse with a fun, glam gown and some trademark Minnie ears.

The Most Magical Ballroom on Earth

5:00 PM:

Disney Night is already here on this season of DWTS, and the world couldn't be more excited!

Every season, Disney Night provides some of the competition's most memorable performances, and this time around we've got a lot to be excited about.

Hopefully, some contestants will be able to pull out all the stops, because someone's going home at the end, and no one wants to be the person eliminated on Disney Night. It's just a real bummer.

Last week, fans had to bid farewell to NBA legend Charles Oakley and his pro partner, Emma Slater. The pair was eliminated after the judges had to choose between them and Tiger King's Carole Baskin and her partner, Pasha Pashkov.

Oakley and Slater were tied for the lowest scores of the week, while Baskin and Pashkov had shown remarkable improvement from their first week. The big cat activist's dedication to developing her dance skills earned enough appreciation from the judges to earn their votes to stay.

Check out the video below for more on this season of Dancing With the Stars.


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