Daniel Radcliffe Reveals the Surprising People Who Inspired Him to Stay Fit for Shirtless Weird Al Scenes

The actor had many shirtless scenes will playing Weird Al Yankovic in an upcoming biopic.

Daniel Radcliffe doesn't have to look far for fitness inspiration! ET's Rachel Smith spoke to the 33-year-old actor at the premiere of his upcoming flick, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, at the Toronto International Film Festival, and he revealed how his parents served as two of his major fitness influences as he geared up to be shirtless in the film.

"There is a bizarre thing that happened this year -- I was shirtless more as Al than I’ve been in anything else," Radcliffe told ET. "... An article about the film came out saying that I got in shape for this role, which I didn’t. My parents do CrossFit. They're in their sixties and they're insanely fit people, so I’ve just got them to keep up with."

"They're just setting a crazy bar," he added. "We don’t do CrossFit together. CrossFit is their thing. I’m not fit enough, probably, for CrossFit. They are phenoms."

Just as he may not reach his parents' level in CrossFit, Radcliffe knows it'll be hard to live up to Weird Al Yankovic's skills on the accordion.

"The accordion is a nightmare," Radcliffe admitted of performing it as he played the singer in the biopic. "It's lovely, it's wonderful, it is really, really fun, but also it breaks your brain... [It takes] immense practice and talent. It's wild what he can do."

The accordion, along with the general task of playing Yankovic, made joining the film "very nerve-wracking" for Radcliffe.

"It’s the only time I've played someone that I’ve been a fan of. That’s never happened before," he said. "... Luckily he's an incredibly sweet, kind person and... I’m playing a version of Al. We take some serious liberties with the story and the man in this biopic."

While never-wracking at times, the experience working on the film left Radcliffe feeling "just delighted."

"Honestly, this film from front to back was just one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had," he said. "There was no one on this set that was indifferent to Al's music, everyone on this set loves Al and was so pumped to be there every day. It felt like this amazing sort of honor that we all got to be a part of something so crazy."

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story premieres exclusively on the Roku Channel Nov. 4.