Dave Grohl Barbecued All Night In Order to Serve 500 Meals to L.A. Homeless Shelter Amid Storms

Dave Grohl
Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Autism Speaks

The Foo Fighters frontman put in some hard work to give back to his community.

Dave Grohl is a man of the people. The Foo Fighters frontman put his own time and effort into giving back to his community in a truly impressive display of compassion and support.

Grohl volunteered for a lengthy BBQing session at Los Angeles’ Hope Mission last week, amid the ongoing storms raging across Los Angeles and Southern California, Billboard reports.

Rowan Vansleve, CFO of the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, posted a video Grohl recorded to cheer on the organization's 350-Mile Run to End Homelessness -- in which Vansleve and colleague Ken Craft ran from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to raise funds and awareness for their cause.

"In the middle of our 350 mile run to end homelessness, we got the coolest video ever from Dave Grohl, of the Foo Fighters," Vansleve captioned the video Grohl recorded. "Not only did [he] wish us luck, but he cooked for hundreds of people who live in our shelters in the middle of one of the worst storms. Nothing but love and respect for Dave."

Grohl showed up to the mission around midnight last Wednesday and spent 16 hours personally cooking ribs, brisket, coleslaw, beans and other BBQ standards, TMZ reports. Grohl also footed the bill and brought his own meat smoker.

In the morning, Grohl helped serve the food, which reportedly fed around 500 people in total at the mission.

Liz Allman Seccuro shared snapshots of Grohl cooking in the kitchen, and explained how he did so without telling any press.

"So, without telling anyone, Dave Grohl brought his giant smoker and cooked/fed barbecue and sides for 500 folks at Hope Mission in L.A. during the storms. Paid for it all. Worked 16 hours," she wrote. "So, when the aliens get here and ask 'who’s in charge?', I think we take them to Dave Grohl."

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