David Dobrik Talks Dating Life and What He Wants in a Partner (Exclusive)

The social media star confirmed he's single in an interview with ET.

David Dobrik knows what kind of girl he's looking for, but he hasn't found her just yet. ET's Katie Krause spoke to the 24-year-old social media star, who confirmed he's single at the moment and described the type of girl he's interested in.

"I'm dating a lot. I can list off all of the girls I've been dating, let me see," he joked, before clarifying that he hasn't been dating much because he doesn't "know where to go for that," aside from dating apps. 

Though he said he's offered his assistant "all the promotions in the entire world" if she can find him someone he likes and dates for at least six months, so far he hasn't "been able to find Mrs. Right."

Despite his single status, Dobrik knows the qualities he's looking for in a mate, some of which include confidence and self-awareness.

"I don't need somebody to be like a stand-up comic, but the coolest thing to me about a girl is when... [they] make a joke and the joke falls flat and they wait to be able to climb out of that," he said. "I know it's so specific, but that moment to me is like, 'Wow, OK, this person knows how to read a room and maneuver their way around a room.' I think that's the most important part to me."

As for his professional life, Dobrik, who revealed that he doesn't "make a dime" on his YouTube channel due to copyrighting, shared why he hasn't been posting on the platform amid quarantine -- and it's not about the money.

"I don't wanna post stuff from my house and have people find out how boring I am," he said. "That's the last thing I want people to know. So I have to wait. I have to wait till I can leave and go about, make my environment fun."

Though he hasn't been on YouTube lately, Dobrik is gearing up for the premiere of his new show, Dodgeball Thunderdome, which is set to air on Discovery Wednesday.

"It's like an amped-up version of regular dodgeball. You have contestants running through an obstacle course and they have to try to get to the end by getting hit by the least amount of dodgeballs and by not falling off or having a horrible time," he explained. "You fall off all the time because the entire thing is just lubed up and it's a really, really slippery obstacle course... Everybody always falls, whether they're big-time athletes or everyday people, there are always, always falls. It's fun. It's fun to watch people fall."

"People are falling, people are swimming in swamp mud, and on top of that, people can win when they're watching. You can [enter to] win $5,000 every episode," he added. "... So every episode, watch, find the code, and keep me employed, so I have a job. You should watch, so I have a job."

Dodgeball Thunderdome premieres Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.