David Duchovny Reveals He Auditioned Several Times for 'Full House'

David Duchovny Jimmy Kimmel Live
ABC/Jimmy Kimmel Live

The 'X-Files' actor appeared on Tuesday's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Before he was Fox Mulder, David Duchovny was almost Uncle Jesse! 

The 57-year-old actor appeared on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, and revealed that before he landed his part on The X-Files, he auditioned for all three leading man roles on Full House, which ultimately went to John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) and Bob Saget (Danny Tanner).

"I had great disappointment because I had auditioned for a show called Full House," he shared. "They could not figure out how to use me. All they could figure out was how they did not want to use me."

When asked if he was excited at the possibility of landing these parts, Duchovny admitted, "I wanted to eat."

He further recalled, "I would go home and I would get the call, 'You're not that guy.' I'd go in for this guy ...not that guy. I'd go in for this guy ...not that guy. Go home."

It all worked out for the actor. The X-Files returns to Fox with a new episode on Thursday night.

Back in May, ET caught up with Duchovny and his co-star, Gillian Anderson, in New York City, where they appeared to be sporting matching injuries. 

"I got old," said Duchovny, who had his arm in a sling. "My arm got old."

Here's more of ET's amusing interview with the co-stars: