David Foster and Katharine McPhee Open Up About Parenthood and Life With Their 1-Year-Old Son (Exclusive)

The couple spoke about their son and parenthood while on the red carpet for Clive Davis' 90th birthday celebration Wednesday night.

David Foster and Katharine McPhee enjoyed a little kid-free date night at Clive Davis' 90th birthday celebration. ET spoke to the couple at legendary music producer's birthday bash Wednesday night, where they opened up about life with a one-year-old.

"It's great. It's the best," McPhee gushed. "She's a fantastic mother," Foster added. "An amazing mother, and we are having the best time."

The pair welcomed their son, Rennie, last February, and while being a new mom has been "so much fun" for the actress, she admitted that it's had its "rough" moments.

"Having so much fun, it's just great being a mom. I love it, absolutely," McPhee maintained. "I mean, last night was a little rough, the time...he was up and then you know, when you're traveling with the kid, you have your moments where you get over-tired and frustrated, but it's just so precious because it's just a moment in time that is not going to last forever, so, in my perspective I just cherish."

"She let him cry for three hours," Foster joked. 

"You know, tough love. Tough love," McPhee quipped.

While it is a fun, date night out for the pair, Foster is also working as one of the night's co-hosts, helping Davis ring in the big 9-0.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"I'm cohosting tonight," Foster shared. "And the musical portion of the night, if there is going to be. I am going to try and coax a couple of people to to sing, because there is no real music planned."

Foster touched on the impact Davis has had in the music industry as well, telling ET that the producer has helped write to soundtrack to "everybody's life."

"You people say about people like me and Lionel Richie, not that I would compare myself even to Lionel, but, 'Oh you've done the soundtrack to my life,' no, Clive Davis has done the soundtrack to everybody's life, because Clive has been doing it for 60 years, 60-plus years, and the list is endless of stars that he has helped shape," the musician gushed. "It's phenomenal." 

McPhee commented on Davis' legacy as well, and the musical memories he's created for so many over the years.

"I think it's not very common for the average American or music fan, to know the people behind the music like, Clive Davis," McPhee remarked. "Everybody knows Clive," Foster added.

"Everybody knows who Clive is, and he's created, I mean, just so many amazing musical memories for millions and millions of people," the Country Comfort star continued.

See more on Foster and McPhee in the video below.