Debbie Allen Dishes on 'Grey’s Anatomy’s Upcoming ‘Season of Love’ (Exclusive)

Debbie Allen at the 2018 Industry Dance Awards
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Grey’s Anatomy’s “Season of Love” is nearly upon us! 

“I can just tell you, it's hot!” Grey’s Executive Producer Debbie Allen exclaimed to ET at Wednesday night's 2018 Industry Dance Awards in Los Angeles about the return of the hit ABC series. “I just directed the first episode and it is really dynamic. I'm telling you, it's dynamic, it's amazing.”

Season 14 wrapped up with a double-wedding, a baby bombshell and the departure of two beloved characters in Dr. April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw). Grey’s will welcome a new cast-member, Nashville star Chris Carmack, in the new season and fans have been buzzing about what exactly is to come for the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Filming resumed on season 15 of the medical drama in late July and the show returns with a two-hour premiere on Sept. 27.

Allen, who plays Dr. Catherine Avery on the show, dished about the new episodes, saying “[with] season 15, this show is like it's brand new. I've been executive producing for three years now. Krista Vernoff, our showrunner, has just sparked a fire that Shonda Rhimes started.”

As for how many more seasons the show can last on the air, Allen’s not sure she sees an end in sight. “It looks like it can keep going,” she gushed. “Ellen Pompeo is more beautiful than ever. We have so many fans all over the world. I went to Cuba and was in a club and someone recognized me as Catherine Avery, and I was like wow, I'm not even that much in the show.”

Meanwhile, Allen was honored at the awards show with the Lifetime Achievement award for her contributions in dance. 

“I was really flattered and happy because I do so many things but, you know, at the end of the day, in my heart, I'm a dancer first and last ... And this is an organization that has expanded the footprint of dance, helping people survive cancer,” Allen said of being honored with the award, before adding that she considers her company, the Debbie Allen Dance Academy to be her greatest achievement in the art form. “I have, for the last almost twenty years, developed young people who are out here in the world choreographing, dancing, acting, they are everywhere.”

Allen previously brought her love of dance and television together with the iconic 80s series Fame. And from what it sounds like, history may repeat itself. 

“We've been talking about the reincarnation of Fame. We’ve been in discussions about it,” Allen revealed. “I think it's time to do another really truthful show about dance, [one that is] very gritty.”

Allen also praised the current level of respect in the industry for the dance community with show Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance being celebrated. She declared, “Dance has come full circle because Hollywood started with the big dance musicals, let's be real. It was always about dance. And dance is so dominated in cultures all over the world. So dance is just having resurgence right now. The world is dancing and we love it.”


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