Demi Moore Makes Surprise Appearance at Bruce Willis' Roast, Jokes About Their Divorce

The ex-couple shared laughs onstage as Moore poked fun at Willis' career and their marriage.

Bruce Willis was ready to get roasted by friends and comedians, but there was one roaster no one was prepared for -- his ex-wife Demi Moore.

Moore made a surprise appearance during the taping of his Comedy Central Roast, looking glam in a shimmery gunmetal gown, with long sleek hair and a smokey eye.

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But she wasn't just killing it in the looks department. She took Willis to (humorous) task about their relationship. 

Moore began by joking she had been “married to Bruce for the first three ‘Die Hard’ movies, which makes sense because the last two sucked," according to Variety.

Then she covered their publicized divorce. “People wonder why our marriage came to an end, and in all honesty I think it was because some jealousy started to creep in. I think Bruce never really got over the fact that I rocked the bald look better than he did,” Moore cracked. 

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She continued, “After our divorce, he said he considered the end of our marriage his biggest failure, but Bruce, don’t be so hard on yourself, you’ve had much bigger failures. I mean Planet Hollywood, ‘Hudson Hawk,’ ‘Striking Distance,’ campaigning for Michael Dukakis, turning down Clooney’s role in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ to focus on playing the harmonica?” 

The 55-year-old made some softer jokes about her ex-husband and father to her daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, thanking Willis for "some of the best times of my life."

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She did get one last zing in, adding that Willis was "easily one of my top three husbands." Moore has also previously been married to musician Freddy Moore and actor Ashton Kutcher.

ET's Lauren Zima spoke with Willis on the carpet before the roast, where the star confidently said he wasn't "nervous."

"It’s going to be a laugh fest. It’s going to be so loud in there. It’s going to be crazy laugh loud," the 63-year-old said.

The roast coincides with the upcoming 30th anniversary of Die Hard, one of Willis' biggest hits that has spawned four sequels and inspired countless other films, including Dwayne Johnson's latest film, Skyscraper.

Willis recalled that despite the action-filled set, he didn't face any serious injuries. " I never really got hurt, yeah. I got banged up...Some scratches but not bad," the Hollywood icon said.

The Bruce Willis Roast airs July 29th on Comedy Central. 

For more on Moore, watch the video below!


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