Denise Richards to Leave 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' After Two Seasons

The actress, who joined during season 9, will not be returning to the Bravo show.

Denise Richards is saying goodbye to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after two seasons on the Bravo show. The 49-year-old actress' rep confirmed her departure to Variety on Wednesday. No explanation was shared. ET has reached out to Richards' rep for comment. Bravo is not commenting at this time.

A source, however, tells ET the decision does not come as a shock to the cast. "It's obvious she was not getting along with the women," the source says.

A separate source also tells ET the cast found out about Richard's decision to walk away from the show through the Variety article. Cast members are currently in negotiations and casting is underway for season 11.

Richards joined the ninth season of RHOBH, and had a drama-filled 10th season. During her time on the show, Richards has clashed with a majority of her Housewives co-stars. The actress has also been embroiled in talk about an alleged relationship with Brandi Glanville, which has become a major topic of discussion. Richards has denied Glanville's claims they had sex. 

The woman have also criticized Richard for her constant talk about her marriage and sex life with her husband, Aaron Phypers. During the season finale, Richards and Lisa Rinna also had a major confrontation that didn't end so well.

It appeared as if Richards had been getting tired of all the drama, and around the time of the Rome trip she decided to stop filming with her co-stars. Richards, however, previously noted that she only skipped out on two group events and never quit the show, as some of the cast implied.

"My second season, I think I'm a little bit of a target and that’s OK, 'cause we all have a turn for that," Denise told ET in May as the drama started playing out onscreen. "There [were] a lot of issues that were brought up, and questions that I kept answering repeatedly, to where I felt I was blue in the face answering those questions, where I had nothing else to say about it and was like, all right, if you guys wanna keep on talking about this, I can't. There's nothing else to say."

"I like to just resolve stuff," she added. "We can agree to disagree and move on from it. But I felt it kept going on and on and on and on and on, and enough's enough. And I treat it as real reality. I'm being myself. If you wanna keep going on and on then I'm gonna, you know, I have nothing else to say and leave the table."

Meanwhile, in a new sneak peek of part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion this week, Richards seems annoyed as the women bring up her and Glanville’s alleged hookup.

For more on Richards on RHOBH, watch below.