Dick Wolf's 'Murder for Hire' Returns for Season 2 -- Watch the New Trailer! (Exclusive)

Murder for Hire

No one knows crime like Dick Wolf

The mega TV producer behind hits like the Chicago and Law & Order franchises is back with a second season of the true-crime series Murder for Hire.

Returning to Oxygen on Oct. 5, the series gives audiences a shocking look inside the dark world of contract killers. Each episode showcases some of the most fascinating murder-for-hire cases -- from devious spouses to jealous relatives -- with investigators revealing how any seemingly good relationship can take an unexpected wrong turn. 

In the upcoming premiere, Murder for Hire goes inside the sting operation and trial of Dalia Dippolito, a then 26-year-old escort-turned-femme fatale who became a media sensation when she was charged with soliciting a murder hit on her husband, Mike, in 2009. Convicted on the charges in 2017, the 36-year-old woman, who had a baby while on house arrest, has been sent to prison where she is expected to remain until 2032. 

It’s just one of many cases that are almost too wild to imagine as seen in the trailer for season two.

“Some of the most horrifying crimes are crimes of passion and money, and we are the first to explore in-depth the motives and tactics used in these ‘murders for hire,’” Wolf previously told ET about the series, which marks his third series after Cold Justice and Criminal Confessions for the crime-themed network. “Viewers will be stunned when they understand the lengths to which aggrieved parties go to get revenge.”

Murder for Hire season two premieres Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. ET/PT only on Oxygen.


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