Diplo Mourns Death of His Mom Barbara 1 Month After Sister's Death: 'My Number One Everything'

Diplo and Barbara Jean Cox
Amy Sussman/Getty Images/Instagram/Diplo

The famed DJ revealed the sad news on Thursday.

Diplo is saying goodbye to his mother, Barbara Pentz. On Thursday, the 44-year-old DJ shared the news that his mother died. 

"She was my first love, first woman in my life. Even as a grown man its a cosmic gut punch to lose your mother. When your grow up and u leave home . in a way it’s sad to think but u know mother is always there .. even as a man - you would never call on your mom for things but you know somewhere deep inside that she would protect you ..she give you your first feeling of security because she gave u a life," he wrote. "She carried you and protected you and gave up so much for you to be something."

The emotional post led with a picture of a baby Diplo and his mother, and was followed by family shots, a picture of the pair at his high school graduation, pictures of Diplo and Barbara while he was a baby, and sweet selfies of the pair. In one photo, the DJ plants a kiss on his mother's cheek while the family poses together.

Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Pentz, continued his post by reflecting on how much his mother supported his career from day one.

"It’s sad to leave and find your way but my mom really loved my art. she didn’t even understand it all but she loved everything . She gave me all the confidence in the world & she supported me with all her energy. even when i broke and had nothing . she was on my myspace promoting me as Djmom1 ! 😌," he added. "Every time I come home she was there on her oxygen mask and chair wearing my 2XL merch. Some times it was so silly but she loved everything about me. she told me how handsome I was when ever she saw me. She was my number one everything and I could never do anything wrong in her eyes. I really did light up her life."

The DJ continued, adding how much his mother loved his three sons, Lockett, Lazer and Pace. The "Lonely" DJ revealed that he and the boys recently spent time in Florida with his family, as they mourned the death of his sister, Amy.

"She loved my babies too she was so proud of the little men they are becoming . she got to spend time with them last month with me because of Amy," he wrote. "I’m so happy that happened . My sister died in July and I think she brought our family together more than we have ever been. My mom was suffering a lot in her soul but also her body was fighting a fight she wasnt going to win. Momma knew me and my dad & my sister Kelly are ok. she knows we are good we gave her that peace.. My dad held her hand at the last breath 🤍 they been married since high school. We are safe but she needed to be with my sister Amy somewhere better."

Diplo's message to Barbara ended with a sweet note.

"I miss you Barbara Jean, you were the brightest light in my life, I just had a ten minute cry in the bathroom at CDG airport sorry to the Janitor," he shared.

Diplo did not give any further details about his mother's death. The music producer did reveal that he is currently in Florida with his family.

In 2013, Barbara did an interview with The Daytona Beach News Journal, where she expressed how proud she was of her son, after he snagged GRAMMY nominations.

"Wesley has been on the cutting edge a long time and he's helped other people along the way to get out there," she told the publication. "Whether he gets the GRAMMY or not, it's well-deserved. He's earned it. If he gets it, that's great. If he doesn't, I'm still so proud of him."