Discovery Channel Launching New Competition to Send Regular People Into Space (Exclusive)

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Anyone with a dream has a chance to make that a reality on ‘Who Wants to Be an Astronaut?’

Over 50 years after NASA put a man on the moon, space travel is slowly becoming a reality. While the super rich are putting money aside for an elusive ticket on Elon Musk’s first all-civilian mission via SpaceX, ET has exclusively learned that Discovery Channel is launching a new competition to send regular people into space. Anyone with a dream has a chance to make that a reality on the upcoming series, Who Wants to Be an Astronaut? 

Over the course of the eight-part series, contestants will compete in a variety of extreme challenges as they vie for the chance to travel to and live aboard the International Space Station (ISS) during an eight-day mission managed by Axiom Space, which is building the world’s first commercial space station and is one of the leaders of private space travel.

According to Discovery Channel, “the process will be grueling and only a select few will make it through the rigorous selection process” designed to put the contestants through what astronauts experience as they get necessary training for space flight and living aboard the ISS. 

Additionally, the series will chronicle every moment along the way -- from liftoff to their return home, with the first fully private human mission to the ISS expected to launch no earlier than January 2022. 

“This is an incredibly exciting time for space storytelling that gives us an opportunity to see the Earth from a vantage point few have ever experienced,” said Scott Lewers, Executive Vice President of Multiplatform Programming, Factual & Head of Content, Science. “It is truly the next frontier for those who not only dream of traveling into space, but are also curious about the mysteries of the universe. We are looking forward to taking our audience on this unprecedented journey.”

“Space travel has long been reserved for a select few, so we’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Discovery and BoomTown Content to make a show that opens up this unique experience to every American,” said Jay Peterson, President, Boat Rocker Studios, Unscripted and Todd Lubin, President, Matador Content. “This is a journey that you’re not going to want to miss.”

“Developing this series is the thrill of a lifetime, and we couldn’t be happier to have found partners in Discovery, Boat Rocker and Matador Content,” said Paul Ricci and Mark Efman, Founders of BoomTown Content Co.

For a chance at this once-in-a-lifetime chance experience, visit Wants to Be an Astronaut? will debut in 2022 on Discovery Channel.