Doja Cat Almost Misses Her 2022 GRAMMYs Win Due to a Bathroom Break

Doja Cat and SZA took home the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and it turned into a surprisingly odd and heartfelt highlight.

This year's GRAMMYs seemed to be full of surprises when it came to some of the night's big winners. At least, a few victories seemed to take the actual winners by surprise.

Before Jon Batiste won Album of the Year and reacted with absolute shock and confusion, it was Doja Cat who was apparently caught off-guard when she and SZA won the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, for their song "Kiss Me More."

SZA surprised everyone by managing to get up the GRAMMY stage safely despite walking with crutches and incredibly high heels -- and got a sweet assist with her super long train from Lady Gaga.

By the time she got up there, Doja Cat was just rushing over from the back of the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and SZA laughingly joked, "Girl, you went to the bathroom for like five minutes, are you serious?”

As it turns out, Doja Cat had taken the first chance she got to use the bathroom, and it just so happened to be when her category was about to be announced.

"Listen, I have never taken such a fast piss in my whole life," Doja Cat said, still trying to catch her breath, as the audience exploded with laughter. She then unsubtly adjusted herself before she continued he speech.

"Thank you to everybody, my family, my team, I wouldn't be here without you and I wouldn't be here without my fans," she shared. "And you know what, SZA, you are everything to me. You are incredible. You are the epitome of talent, you're a lyricist, you are everything. And I need you, I need you to say something, something, please give them something."

"Thank you, Doja, thank you to my mama, thank you to God and just thank all of y'all," SZA said, beaming, before adding to her collaborator, "and I'm glad you made it back in time."

The significance of the moment seemed to really hit Doja Cat in that instant as she struggled to fight back tears.

"Damn," she said, trying to fight the right words. "I like to downplay s**t, but this is a big deal. Thank you everybody! Be safe."

ET spoke to Doja Cat backstage and she shared how a woman saved the day when it came to her almost missing her moment.

"I had so much champagne, there were so many performances that were amazing and you have to toast like, 'You go, you' and you're performing  -- whatever, I was drinking a lot and obviously that makes your metabolism go and then I held it for so long and then the one moment, the one moment that I went to go, it just, it was my time," she recalled. "A woman ran into the bathroom and  -- God, I don't remember her name -- but she grabbed me by my wrist, yanked me out, and I never been pulled so strongly in my life. It was like the end of the world it felt like, but she pulled me and I ran for my life. It was beautiful. I got to the stage, I threw my vape, and I got on there and did my thing. But yeah, no, I was definitely in the middle of a big piss."

"I wish I knew her name she deserves credit but I can't give that to her because I don't have her name," she continued.  

Meanwhile, SZA explained in a virtual press room at the show that she was on crutches because she recently sprained her ankle, sharing, "I fell out of bed a few days before coming here." SZA added, "In my life, all things have come out random."

She later told ET backstage about having to walk onstage to receive her GRAMMY in heels, "No, it's just the power of God and I was trying to get there cause I didn't want Doja to miss out on her moment either so I was just trying to get there, trying to hold the place."

She also shared a fun moment with Lil Nas X after the show, when he took over responsibility of pushing her wheelchair. The MONTERO artist shared a cute clip of their interaction, and wrote, "I am now sza’s personal care taker."

Earlier in the day, Doja Cat spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner on the red carpet and foreshadowed her memorable acceptance speech by admitting, "I am very very excited. I have nothing prepared, so I am also terrified, but it is what it is. You got to do, what you got to do."

She added, "I have nothing written but that's OK sometimes. I think that that's fine, you know. It works for some people, so it should work for me, I hope."

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