Don Cheadle Reacts to Starring in a Super Bowl Commercial With His Lookalike Brother (Exclusive)

The actor also opened up to ET about his roles in 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' and his new Disney+ series.

Don Cheadle is opening up about what it was like working with his brother, Colin, on a new commercial for Super Bowl LV.

ET spoke with the Black Monday star via Zoom this week, where he explained why he and his lookalike sibling decided to star together in the ad for Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer. The spot was released on Wednesday and will air during the NFL championship game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Feb. 7.

"It's cool and the product is cool," Cheadle told ET's Kevin Frazier. "[It's] the first USDA-approved 100 percent organic seltzer, and the Super Bowl, it's an amazing event. Obviously one of the most-watched events in the world."

"Of course, the Chiefs are in it, my team, so that's dope for sure," he continued. "My brother also is in the spot, so being able to combine all those things, and have my brother be a part of it, it's just a win-win. It's huge."

The new commercial features a number of celebrity doppelgängers, with actors and actresses portraying stars like Serena Williams (Olivia Griffian), Maluma (James White), Lucy Liu (Kimmy Suzuki), Usher (Duane Avery) and Megan Fox (Claudia Alende).

"It's sort of a play on what's real and what's fake, and how people are fooled by what's out there," Cheadle explained. "And then it's cool to be able to close it whole circle by bringing my brother on, who has been mistaken for me many times."

Watch below:

Cheadle also teased what fans can expect from his upcoming projects, like his role as Al-G Rhythm in Space Jam: A New Legacy opposite LeBron James. Details of his character have yet to be revealed, but many have suspected that he'll play a villain in the Malcolm D. Lee-directed sequel.

"Am I going to be the villain? I think villain is a harsh word," Cheadle replied, when asked if there's any truth to the character speculation. "I think that there are some differences that LeBron James has of my character. And Al-G Rhythm is his own kind of dude. He doesn't want to be boxed into a corner."

Disney+ also announced last month that Cheadle's War Machine character is getting his own Marvel series. Titled Armor Wars, the project will apparently explore Tony Stark's worst fear: What happens when his technology falls into the wrong hands?

"It's going to be dope," Cheadle shared. "We're really going to have a chance to explore a lot of stuff about [James] Rhodes. I mean, you look at what we've done so far, there's a lot left to be explored. So I think there's a lot of real estate that we're going to dig into."

"It's going to be just fully wide open," he added. "We're going to start filming in a couple months and we'll see."

Super Bowl LV airs live on CBS and Paramount+ on Sunday, Feb. 7. Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. ET. Additionally, CBS Sports has a free live stream  to watch the Super Bowl, as well as the CBS Sports app on your mobile device. In the meantime, stay tuned right here to for more exclusive Super Bowl coverage coming your way before game day!