Dr. Laura Berman's Husband 'Dealing With Terrible PTSD' After Son's Fatal Overdose

Dr. Laura Berman
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Dr. Laura Berman and her husband, Samuel Chapman, are sharing how their family has been coping with the death of their son, Sammy. The 16-year-old died last month due to a drug overdose, and on last week's episode of the True Crime Daily podcast, Chapman said he's still "dealing with terrible PTSD" from the tragedy. 

Chapman said he found his late son "on his back, having aspirated his own vomit." "That's what we walked in on," he said. "[I] had to resuscitate my own son, or at least try to, until the paramedics got here … no one should have to go through that."

Sammy died last month after overdosing on Fentanyl-laced Xanax, which he bought from a dealer who contacted him over Snapchat.

Chapman said his and Berman's two older sons, Ethan and Jackson, are "not that great" after losing their brother. 

"One of them gets pretty nervous and is worried about accidentally dying, because his brother did, and the other one is getting triggered by all of the murder you see on TV," he said, noting that he similarly experiences those same feelings.

However, Chapman also said he believes all these feelings to be normal after such devastation. 

"There's nothing for it except time and feeling your feelings," he said. "I think if there weren't some PTSD and some lingering nervousness, sadness and anger, we wouldn't be human."

In an interview on the Today show last month, Berman -- who hosts In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman on OWN -- said her entire reason for going public with her story was to possibly prevent other parents from losing their children to the dangers posed by some social media platforms.

"All I was thinking about is that this couldn't happen again," she shared. "I was so furious and helpless."

"When they see our son and can relate to him and see what happened to him, maybe it will sink in," Berman added. "And if it helps one kid, it's worth it."

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