Drew Barrymore Reprises Her 'Never Been Kissed' Role on Her Talk Show

Drew Barrymore

Josie 'Grossie' Geller joined Barrymore at the Drew's News to fulfill her dream of becoming a journalist.

Drew Barrymore had a very special guest on her talk show on Friday. During Drew's News, the actress introduced her "co-pilot," high school senior and future journalist Josie "Grossie" Gellar. The teen was decked out in her '80s pink prom dress, matching scrunchie and braces.

"Thank you for having me! Your studio is so beautiful," Josie -- who fans know from Never Been Kissed -- told Barrymore, who replied, "Oh, so is your ensemble! You know, you didn’t have to dress up just for this."

“It’s the fanciest thing I own, and I never really got to wear it anyway,” Josie said of her look, referencing how in the movie students tossed eggs at her on prom night.

The two then delivered the news, with it quickly becoming apparent that Josie was not up to date with her current events. When talking about the presidential election, she said George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis, who ran in 1988, were the candidates.

"Oh, Josie -- you’ve missed so much,” Barrymore told her former character. "A lot has happened since 1998."

Barrymore starred in Never Been Kissed in 1999, along co-stars David Arquette, Michael Vartan, Leelee Sobieski, Molly Shannon and John C. Reilly. The rom-com saw newspaper copywriter Josie go undercover as a high schooler for a story.

This isn't the first time the actress has reprised a past character for The Drew Barrymore Show. Last month, she stepped back into her Scream role Casey Becker's shoes. In her sketch, she revealed what her character would be up to had she survived the 1996 film. 

Meanwhile, upon launching her talk show, Barrymore also reunited with her Charlie's Angels co-stars, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.

See the reunion below.