Dwayne Johnson Explains His Incredible New Skull Tattoo


The actor put in some serious chair time for his latest piece of body art!

After spending more than a day under the needle, Dwayne Johnson has unveiled his incredible new skull tattoo.

The impressive piece of art was inked onto his upper right arm and bicep by tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado.

According to Johnson, it took more than 30 hours to complete and was done over four sessions.

“Flow of positive energy is constant thru the breath of life,” the 45-year-old actor explained about the design in an Instagram post on Monday. “Horns always positioned forward. Not up, but forward - representing forward progress and always at the ready to dig in and dig deep.”

“Eye is the mana - the spirit and the power,” he continued. “It’s everything. It’s where I draw my strength from all things I love and protect. As with my Polynesian tattoo on the left side of body, the symbolic mana lays over my heart. We all have mana. Our strength. You just have to find it.”

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  star has yet to share what his daughter, Jasmine, thinks of his new ink, but we already know she’s mesmerized by his other tats, with Johnson having shared a cute pic of the 1-year-old girl admiring them last year.