'DWTS' Star Lindsey Stirling Suffers Rib Injury During Rehearsals

Lindsey Stirling has suffered a serious injury during rehearsals for 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Lindsey Stirling has suffered a serious injury during rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars.

On Monday, a DWTS rep confirmed to ET that the 31-year-old violinist suffered a “blunt rib injury and possible separation." There is still no word on whether the frontrunner will be dancing on Monday's show, or if she'll be able to continue in the competition. 

In a clip from the doctor's office, Stirling tearfully sits beside her dancing partner, Mark Ballas. 

"I'll be so mad if I've blown it, we worked so hard," Stirling says.

Ballas also doesn't appear optimistic.

"Today is Sunday, we perform tomorrow, so this is kind of, really nerve-wracking," Ballas admits.

The injury could potentially mean the end of the competition for the duo.

"I push, push push all the time -- that's why I've gotten to where I'm at," Stirling says, clearly emotional. "I'm just so afraid that I might've pushed too far."

Last week, Stirling and Ballas landed their first perfect score with their sci-fi-themed Argentine tango. ET spoke with the pair after Monday's show, where Stirling gushed about having such a supportive partner.

“Mark is one hundred percent the therapist. Bless his heart,” she told ET. “I just, I care a lot. And like, last week was probably the week… and the week before that was the Most Memorable Year Week, so I've had -- Mark was my therapist during the Most Memorable Year Week. I can’t imagine having a better, supportive, and more talented partner.” 

Watch below:

-- Reporting by Angelique Jackson