Dylan O'Brien Pokes Fun at His Post-'Teen Wolf' Career In First YouTube Video in 8 Years

Dylan O'Brien
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The 'Maze Runner' star released a hilarious mockumentary on Wednesday, chronicling the hardships of being an unemployed actor.

Dylan O'Brien posted his first YouTube video in eight years on Wednesday to give fans a look inside the life of an unemployed actor in Los Angeles.

In the hilarious, self-deprecating mockumentary video, the Teen Wolf alum drives around the streets of Los Angeles, explaining how he's been spending his time between paying gigs to an unseen camera operator, who is shooting the short film as part of a class project.

According to an on-screen date, the video was filmed in April, and a title card that comes up reveals that O'Brien hadn't had an acting job in "9 months and 14 days."

However, the 26-year-old Maze Runner star confidently tells the documentarian that he's been busier while not on set than he ever was working -- although it's clear he's bending the truth.

"You have a lot going on when you're on set and when you're off set, actually. For instance, I'm not working right now. So what am I doing? Hustling, behind the scenes," O'Brien explains, as the video cuts to footage of the actor lazily scooping leaves out of his pool in his underwear, while smoking. "What do I do? I get up at six, I stretch, I make a coffee, I focus."

After explaining the importance of an actor listening to NPR to expand their worldview -- before angrily shutting the radio off because he doesn’t understand what anyone on NPR is talking about -- and lying about quitting smoking, it's clear that the fictional O'Brien of this mockumentary is going through a rough patch.

However, after rehearsing the musical numbers from Frozen in his underwear, O'Brien takes viewers with him to the Disney Studios lot, to audition for a role in Frozen 2.

Only things don't go as planned. After getting told by a security guard that his audition wasn't scheduled for that day, O'Brien calls his agent and gets some bad news.

"It was a mistake? What do you mean? Who's mistake? They didn't mean to send the audition to me?" O'Brien says over the phone to his unheard agent. "Can I just go in anyway? I really need this right now. Tell them I'm begging."

"They don't think I'm right or strong enough as an actor? They don't think I have the right face," O'Brien says, repeating the news he's hearing from his agent. "It's animation! Now that's just separately insulting."

The actor tried to shrug the bad news off, telling his documentarian friend, "As Idina would say, 'Cold doesn't bother me anyway.' Just gotta let it go." He then openly weeps into his hand as he drives.

If O'Brien's return to YouTube does nothing else, it at least proves that he's got the chops to pull off a comedic role.

The young star was also recently cast in the crime thriller The Bayou, opposite Oscar winner Gary Oldman, Deadline reported in May. So he'll soon have more to do than sing in his boxers and skim his pool all day, but hopefully, he'll still be making some great YouTube videos.