Dylan Sprouse Says Brother Cole Is Doing Well Post-Breakup and Quarantining With KJ Apa (Exclusive)

ET exclusively caught up with the actor via Zoom this week.

Dylan Sprouse is getting candid on how his family is doing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While speaking with ET's Leanne Aguilera via Zoom on Wednesday, the 27-year-old actor shared an update on what his twin brother, Cole Sprouse, has been doing to pass the time while social distancing. The Riverdale star recently called it quits with Lili Reinhart after nearly three years of dating, but is now in quarantine with their mutual co-star KJ Apa.

"I mean, he’s living," Dylan said, of how his brother is doing following the breakup. "Him and KJ in the very beginning of quarantine ended up staying together at KJ's place in Los Angeles. So, they’re isolating together, which is very cute."

"I've heard a lot of cute stories. I heard they're just lifting weights and eating cheese ... I think that's what they do," he continued. "[Cole's] good. He's getting healthy, he’s relaxing, and I talk to him every day. We still FaceTime every day, for every year of my life."

Dylan and Cole have also been working on growing out their mustaches while quarantined and are now battling it out in what they're calling a "violent facial hair competition." Dylan joked to ET that "the world" can be their judge!

"They're the judge... and the gods, right? I mean, really, just look at this," he said, pointing to his own 'stache during the interview. "After this, anyone who is watching this, please just google 'Cole Sprouse’s mustache,' all right? And do a side-by-side. Then you be the judge."

"This entire encounter really highlights for the public who really is the evil twin, right?" he jokingly added. "I mean, take that on its own merit, but he looks like a guy who ties people to train tracks, right? He needs a top hat and a monocle, OK? I look like a paladin warrior who upholds the law."

Well, as Dylan suggested, we'll let you be the judge of that:

As for Dylan's personal endeavors, he's gearing up for the upcoming release of his new comic book series, Sun Eater, which is now available for preorder here (with the first issue to ship July 17). The series will also be available in select comic retail stores starting Aug. 7.

"I started writing this five years ago because I was kind of in a place mentally where I felt like I needed to get some sort of story out from myself to better understand the scenario that was happening," he explained. "So I started writing something that I just knew I loved, which was fantasy genre."

Dylan said that the project has also allowed him to open up to his fans like never before. He told ET that the main character, Kveldulf, is written for and based on his mother, Melanie Wright.

"My own mother is influencing the main character, basically one for one in a lot of ways," he shared. "His interactions with other characters, his compulsions, his ability or inability to kind of navigate the world around him is really all informed by my real-life happenings that I've encountered with my own mother."

Hear more in the video below.


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