Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr Star In Hilarious 'Dirty Dancing' Tribute Ad During the Super Bowl LII


Touchdown dances are often a highlight of any football game. And now, the NFL is ready for a new season worth of dance moves.

In a commercial for the NFL, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. meet up in practice. "You want to work on that thing?" Manning asks. "Yeah, let's do it," Beckham replies.

Manning then throws Beckham a touchdown, and the music kicks in.

"I've Had The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing begins and the two perform a spot on recreation of the moves from 80s classic's big finale.

Odell Beckham Jr and Eli Manning NFL Commercial

The New York Giants quarterback really gets into it, doing the leaps and leading the backup dancers just like Patrick Swayze.

Eli Manning NFL Commercial

And you better believe the nail that iconic lift.

The video ends with Manning holding Beckham aloft, as the NFL logo appears and the words "Touchdowns to come" appear on screen.

Check out other ads here, and for more on the big game, watch the video below!


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