Ellen DeGeneres Source Claims Show Went 'Above and Beyond' for Greyson Chance

The 25-year-old singer doubled down on his claims that the former TV host was 'manipulative' and 'controlling.'

Ellen DeGeneres went "above and beyond" for Greyson Chance, who on Thursday doubled down on his claims that the former Ellen DeGeneres Show host was "manipulative" and "way too controlling."

A source close to DeGeneres' team tells ET, the 25-year-old singer did not make any complaints during that time on Ellen and continued to appear on the show to launch his new projects. Simply put, the source says DeGeneres went above and beyond for the singer.

What's more, the source tells ET that Chance's experience -- laid out in detail in a new Rolling Stone profile -- was not the experience the Ellen team had with Chance.

"Ellen and the team went above and beyond and sometimes careers just don't take off," the source says. "Chance did not make any complains during that time and continued to appear on the show to launch his new projects. He has taken this time as he is launching an album to go after Ellen with opportunistic claims."

Chance appeared 12 times on Ellen, with his last appearance in 2019 to promote a new song, and his appearances on the show continued despite Interscope and a team of talent agents dropping Chance.

Chance on Thursday posted a TikTok video and said he stood by every claim he made in Rolling Stone, allegations that included DeGeneres was "blatantly opportunistic" after signing him to her eleveneleven record label after his 2010 appearance on Ellen as a 12-year-old who went viral when he performed Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" at his Oklahoma middle school. 

"And I stand behind all of it," Greyson said. "You know, I've been wanting to tell this story now for multiple years and was repeatedly told not to but the truth is, what you saw on TV and what was pitched out to the mainstream just wasn't what was happening behind the scenes."

The singer -- who with help from DeGeneres, signed with powerhouse talent agency William Morris Endeavor and to DeGeneres' music label -- said he's sure people will form their own opinions about why he decided to go public with his allegations all these years later.

"And I'm sure people will have a lot to say about the article and how I maybe appear ungrateful for her [DeGeneres'] efforts in the beginning, and the truth is that I am grateful for her giving me a start," Chance said, "but I'm more grateful to myself for the moments when I got dropped and everything went awry when I was a kid. I'm thankful to 15-year-old me that picked up the pieces and kept on going and kept on fighting."

Chance claimed she became "really invested" in him, but also "domineering and way too controlling."

Among the allegations: Chance claimed DeGeneres made him reshoot videos if she didn't like what she saw; Chance was specifically never allowed to wear leather, due to DeGeneres' commitment to veganism at the time. Chance claimed DeGeneres was so controlling, she'd sift through his clothing rack and yell at stylists and berate them for the clothing options presented.