Ellen Page Has a Tense Standoff With a Former Zombie in 'The Cured' Clip (Exclusive)

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Forgiving is one thing, but could you ever really forget that your loved one was a zombie?

That's the crux of The Cured, writer-director David Freyne's horror film about what happens when the undead are cured and attempt to reenter society. Ellen Page, who produced the movie, stars as Abbie, a single mother who takes in her rehabilitated brother-in-law, only to find out that one of his once-zombified cohorts has grievances of his own that he isn't willing to forgive or forget, as seen in this exclusive clip.

"All I've done is try to help people," Conor (Avengers: Infinity War's Tom Vaughn-Lawlor) declares. "Look at how they treat us. Look at how we're forced to live. What choice do we have?" Abbie counters, "You have the choice not to eat people."

The Cured
IFC Films

Watch the full trailer for The Cured:

Here is the movie's official synopsis:

"What happens when the undead return to life? In a world ravaged for years by a virus that turns the infected into zombie-like cannibals, a cure is at last found and the wrenching process of reintegrating the survivors back into society begins. Among the formerly afflicted is Senan (Sam Keeley), a young man haunted by the horrific acts he committed while infected. Welcomed back into the family of his widowed sister-in-law (Page), Senan attempts to restart his life--but is society ready to forgive him and those like him? Or will fear and prejudice once again tear the world apart? Pulsing with provocative parallels to our troubled times, 'The Cured' is a smart, scary, and hauntingly human tale of guilt and redemption. "

The Cured is in theaters and On Demand on Feb. 23.


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