Ellen Pompeo Returns to 'Grey's Anatomy' in Season 20 First Look

Pompeo returns as Meredith Grey and it's the first time she's not a series regular.

Ellen Pompeo is picking up right where she left off on Grey's Anatomy.

In a preview of what's to come in season 20 of the ABC hit medical drama, Pompeo's Meredith Grey returns for the first time as a non-series regular. The preview clip opens with Grey in an office, asking, "How long do I have to wait?" before the scene cuts to interns scrambling after Chandra Wilson's Miranda Bailey asks them, "What are you waiting for? Let's go."

The next shot of Grey shows her walking alongside Bailey, who informs her, "The interns are in trouble." There's also another look at Camilla Luddington's Jo Wilson and Chris Carmack's Atticus Lincoln locking lips after he professes his love for her.

James Pickens Jr.'s Richard Webber faces a huge hurdle in his sobriety journey after he appears to order a Vodka tonic at a restaurant. It's a quick shot of Webber, but he's resolute and in obvious pain about the choice he just made. Then there's Kim Raver's Teddy Altman, who is in critical condition after collapsing in the operating room.

All will be revealed when Grey's Anatomy returns for season 20 on March 14 on ABC.

Earlier this month, Debbie Allen, who plays Catherine Fox, shared with ET that season 20 will feature only 10 episodes due to the Hollywood strike, but fans can expect the episodes to be "hot, unpredictable and compelling."

"We are back. The strike is over and it's going to be the greatest season," Allen told ET at the Kennedy Center Honors. "It's going to be a shorter season because of the strike -- we're only going to do 10 episodes -- but we have a lot to look forward to... It's always brand new."

In the season 19 finale, Grey returned to the center of the action as Bailey, Webber, Fox, Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill), Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) and Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) see their lives flash before their eyes amid violent turbulence while on a private flight to Boston.

Earlier this year, Pompeo explained the reason behind her Grey's exit. She played Grey since the series debuted in 2005.

"I’m 53. My brain is like scrambled eggs," Pompeo explained on The Drew Barrymore Show. "I gotta do something new or I’m literally gonna turn into like, you can’t do the New York Times crossword puzzle every single day. I mean, 19 years, that’s more than people keep their kids in their house, like people keep their kids in their house until they’re 18 and then they send them off to college. So this is like me like going away to college."'