Emilia Clarke Joyfully Reunites With her 'Game of Thrones' Co-Star Jason Momoa -- See the Pic!

Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The actress shared a hilarious snapshot of their adorable night out in London on Saturday.

Emilia Clarke still has a lot of love for her late Game of Thrones husband, Jason Momoa.

The adorable former co-stars were beaming when they reunited Saturday night, and the 31-year-old English actress took to Instagram to share a smiling snapshot of their fun night out.

"When life is so good that your sun and stars is in your city," Clarke captioned the cute pic. "...You lose your eyes and gain 5 grins (and gins) where until now they'd only been one... (*grins- there's always more gins)."

Sun and stars, of course, is a reference to the term of endearment her GoT character, Daenerys Targaryen, used for Momoa's character, Khal Drogo, in the time before their relationship came to an unfortunate conclusion.

Clarke, who had apparently enjoyed a libation or two, continued the caption, "@prideofgypsies YOU ALWAYS MOTHER OF DRAGONS MAIN MAN  #lookoutjonsnowdrogosgotyournumber #happinessishere #hawaiianhakahunkoffunshutsdownlondon."

Momoa is currently in London promoting the upcoming release of the hotly anticipated DC superhero team-up Justice League, in which he stars as the aquatic avenger, Aquaman.

While Momoa's Dothraki warlord died pretty early in the Game of Thrones series, Momoa and Clarke have remained close friends in the years since being co-stars, and made headlines when they reunited at Paris Fashion Week in October 2015, where  they shared another goofy, smiling selfie.

Last year, Clarke opened up about the hit HBO series in an interview with Glamour magazine, where she addressed some fan's complaints about there not being enough male nudity on the show -- as compared to female nudity -- and she explained why fans never saw Momoa's private parts in any of their semi-explicit sex scenes.

"I saw his member," Clarke quipped "But it was covered in a fluffy pink sock. Showing it would make people feel bad. It’s too fabulous."

Check out the video below for more from the Mother of Dragons on the show's supposed lack of equality when it comes to nudity, and how she feels about the show's dedicated female audience.