Emma Chamberlain Talks VidCon, Collaborating With Her Dad and More! (Exclusive)

The YouTube star and her dad, Michael, are chatting with fans about getting creative, even in quarantine!

Emma Chamberlain and her dad are teaming up for a fun VidCon panel!

The YouTube star and her father, Michael -- who has a following of his own on his art channel -- are offering fans and followers the chance to hear all about their lives, work, and creative process in a panel on Thursday, July 2, titled, "The Wonderful World of Emma Chamberlain: A Conversation With Emma and Michael Chamberlain."

"He's been my creative go-to man since day one," Emma raved to ET's Denny Directo this week. "And so I think we just wanna talk about that whole process and just being a parent with a kid who is doing something that maybe is a little bit different and how to support that child.

"I'm gonna talk about my journey in general and just kind of have him there to help me tell the story," she added. "I'm really excited because he's just, like, so cool and I love him so much and so it's nice to have people that you love and care about involved in your work life as well."

While it's been tough quarantining separately from her family, Emma's been keeping up with the content -- from reviewing fast food burritos to dying her hair blonde -- and says her dad has been supportive from day one.

"I mean, he's given me so much advice constantly, from the beginning, but I think his main thing was like, people wanna see you for you and don't change that for anybody," she said.

"And, you know, make sure to have a life outside of the internet that is fulfilling as well," she added. "That's been, like, the most important advice that I've needed to remind myself of constantly, because it's so easy to get wrapped up in it and I think him telling me that constantly has really helped me keep my mind in the right spot and stay sane."

While she and her dad are constantly working together behind the scenes, Chamberlain admits she doesn't think they'd be into a full-time collaborative space, like a TikTok house. However, she'd be down for a real-life workshop getaway once travel and social distancing restrictions lift!

"The idea of it sounds amazing, like a one week little vacay somewhere fun," she raved. "A little Hawaii moment where we can rent some instruments and cameras and we can all make something."

For now, check out Emma's VidCon panel on Thursday at 1 p.m. PT.