Emma Roberts Says Her Mom Wants an Apology After Actress Got Upset at Her for Spilling Baby News (Exclusive)

Emma Roberts
Jennifer Graylock/PA Images via Getty Images

The pregnant actress opened up to ET about her pregnancy, and having the news prematurely confirmed by her mom.

Emma Roberts owes her mom an apology -- at least, according to her mom. After Robert's mother, Kelly Cunningham, accidentally spilled the beans on her pregnancy news, the two had a bit of a row, and the actress joked that there's still some on-going bickering.

Roberts recently spoke to ET's Kevin Frazier, and she opened up about how her mom accidentally revealed in an Instagram post that she and boyfriend Garrett Hedlund are expecting their first child.

Apparently, Cunningham is reveling in the attention, and despite Roberts blocking her on mom (briefly) on social media, she's got no intention of stepping back from the Instagram spotlight.

"She cannot be stopped!" Roberts joked. "She's like, 'I'm getting more followers, I'm getting so many texts!'"

Roberts revealed the story about her mom inadvertently confirming swirling pregnancy rumors when the actress -- who is currently promoting her upcoming romantic comedy Holidate -- spoke with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday.

"We kind of laughed. We kind of got into a fight. I blocked her at one point," Roberts said during her Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance, adding that it's a "good story to tell the baby."

The story has proven to really connect with fans and will likely be a fun family story for years -- which is why Roberts' mom wants a little bit of credit for inadvertently creating a relatable, adorable anecdote for her daughter to share with her own kids one day.

"She also said, 'You owe me an apology, because this ended up being a great story!' Roberts recalled to ET with a laugh.

While speaking with Kimmel earlier this week, Roberts talked about picking how she and Hedlund went about picking a name for their baby boy.

"I was convinced I was having a girl to a point where I said to my boyfriend, 'If it's boy you can name it,'" she said, laughing. "Meanwhile being like, it's a girl, who cares? Now I get to name it. Then when we found out, he was like, 'Oh yeah, so you said I get to name it!' And I was like, 'I did say that, didn't I? So funny that I said that.'"

The Dirt Music actor, 36, eventually picked the name for the couple's baby boy.  

"My boyfriend was playing very hard to get with me about the names. I was like, 'We're having a baby. You can tell me what you want to name the baby,'" Roberts said of Hedlund. "And he was just very tight-lipped and then he did finally, he came up with a winner that was really good. All of mine got vetoed for various reasons, which I'm very upset about."

Check out the video below for more on Roberts' exciting pregnancy news.

Meanwhile, Roberts' new romcom Holidate premieres Wednesday, Oct. 28 on Netflix.