Erika Jayne Is Balancing ‘Housewives’ Drama With Headlining Her First Tour and It’s a Lot (Exclusive)

The ‘RHOBH’ star gave ET exclusive access to one of her final rehearsals ahead of her 13-city ‘Pretty Mess’ tour, kicking off Sept. 28.

Erika Jayne is “booked, busy and blessed.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is currently filming the ninth season of the Bravo series, just did her first TED Talk, launched a shoe line and, oh, she’s about to embark on her first-ever headlining tour across the United States.

“More is more,” she says of life right now. “People wanted to see the show, and I want to give a show … It's definitely one of the most busiest times of my life, yes.”

ET got an exclusive invite to a rehearsal for the Pretty Mess tour, which kicks off on Friday, Sept. 28, in Jersey City, New Jersey, with dates in Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago to follow. Jayne's longtime collaborator, Mikey Minden, serves as creative director of the tour.

“I know Mikey will probably get a little misty,” Jayne says of the tour. “It's great, because we created this project from my kitchen table and here we are now selling out. Chicago sold out, Jersey's got, like, 10 tickets. I mean, Dallas is on the way, so -- and then we're adding dates, which is super great. And to see people want to come out and see this show, it means a lot.”

On Monday, Jayne and Fullscreen Live, the company behind her tour, announced eight additional dates that will take the tour to cities including Miami, Atlanta and Boston through the end of 2018. Jayne says the show will be “fantasy, love, escape, glitz, glamour and fun.” Expect a flashy opening number set to 2017’s “XXPEN$IVE” and an unforgettable closer of “How Many F**ks?”

Fullscreen Live

Also on the tour checklist? A little patting the puss (the now-iconic dance move she and Minden introduced to RHOBH viewers on season six), major wind moments, more rhinestones than sequins, wardrobe changes (Minden promises more than Jayne's ever pulled off before!), confetti, pyrotechnics, surprise guests and “unexpected visuals.”

“It adds another layer,” Jayne teases. “And it's always, you know, provocative.”

The tour is the culmination of nearly a decade of “the Erika Jayne Project,” as she calls it -- but it’s not the end of it. The singer, whose real name is Erika Girardi, says it’s simply the continuation of Erika Jayne, an artist without eras.

“I am the alpha and the omega,” she teases. “The beginning and the end. I am infinite, eternal. Can it get any better? I don’t know.”

“Blonde bombshell is always in,” she says. “Don’t ever let anybody tell you it isn’t … I don’t think I’m gonna cut my hair. I’ve already shaved my head twice in my life. At 47, it’s not really an option. This is who I am.”

Of course, part of who Jayne is is a Housewife. While she can’t spill details on the in-the-works season, she can address the drama she and co-star Lisa Rinna stirred up earlier this month while broadcasting live on Instagram from the set of a cast photo shoot.

“We’re here shooting, the whole cast is here,” Rinna told her followers. “Rumor has it that one of the cast members won’t shoot with us. They won’t do a group shot with us. So, we’re sequestered in a room, but somebody’s holding out and won’t come out and shoot with us. Can you imagine? Who is that? Like, we’re all doing a group shot together and someone is sequestered in a room, she won’t come shoot with us. They’re gonna have to, like, put her in a computer-like way. Who could it be?”

“Who could it be?” Jayne echoed, before breaking into a duet of Men at Work’s 1981 single “Who Could It Be Now?” with Rinna.

“We were reporting the facts,” Jayne offers, deadpan.

Internet sleuths narrowed the co-star at hand down to two potential cast members: Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley, who quickly took to her own Instagram Story to seemingly shut down the speculation by dancing along to Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me.” While Jayne wouldn’t directly confirm it was LVP, she didn’t deny it. She did, however, confirm the drama definitely involved Kemsley (“Does anything not have to do with Dorit? I love Dorit, but damn!”) and would play out on the new season.

“I have to say this, because it's really true,” she shares. “For the first time in four years, I care about these women, like, I have friendships with these women, and I don't like it when I see them hurt and I don't like it when I see someone hurting them.”

Even so, Jayne admits she’ll never shake, or maybe better put, relinquish, her “ice queen” reputation.

“I'm an iceberg,” she says. “Remember, the iceberg sunk the Titanic. Remember that.”

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