Erika Jayne Is 'Grateful' the 'Real Housewives' Reunion Is Behind Her, Source Says

A source tells ET that Jayne says the four-part reunion 'was hard to live, it was hard to talk about and it was hard to relive.'

Erika Jayne is looking forward to getting a break from the viewers after that explosive four-part Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. A source tells ET that Jayne is "grateful the reunion episodes are behind her."

"It was hard to live, it was hard to talk about and it was hard to relive. She's ready for a break from the viewers being so on top of her every week, but she will be sharing more in season 12," the source shared.

Right now, the source says Jayne's focus is on cooperating in court and getting down to the bottom of what really went down at her estranged husband, Tom Girardi's, law firm, a sentiment she echoed last night during the fourth and final part of the RHOBH reunion special.

"Like she said at the taping, the best thing she can do is cooperate in the courts," the source added. "Even if she has the money, she can't just start handing it out to these alleged victims until it's ruled in a court of law that she's responsible for the debts."

During the epic season 11 reunion, Jayne discussed her divorce from the now-disbarred attorney, her finances and the sympathy she feels for the victims accusing Girardi of embezzling millions from them, but it all came to a head in last night's finale when host Andy Cohen asked if Jayne questioned whether or not Girardi committed the crimes he's being accused of.

"Andy. Andy. He doesn’t even acknowledge anything. None of it. It doesn’t even matter what he says, because he’s incompetent. So I’m left holding the f**king bag," an angry Jayne explained.

The 46-year-old singer claimed that in Girardi's declining state, no matter how much she's pressed her ex, he hasn't acknowledged or admitted to any of the allegations leveled against him.

Cohen continued to question Jayne, pressing next about her finances, asking about a Los Angeles Times article that alleges that $20 million was transferred from Girardi's law firm to her company, EJ Global, which Jayne vehemently shot down, as well as a $14 million American Express bill, which she said was money spent over a 12-year period.

"Over 12 years, so if you knock that down to $2 million per year, that’s pretty much what we’re all doing this year. I mean, doing in this lifestyle," Jayne explained.

"So, the allegation is that the money that we have seen you spending was money that Tom stole from others," Cohen said before giving Jayne a chance to set the record straight.

"This is a very long bankruptcy that will be pulled apart, both his firm and his personal bankruptcy. I am not in bankruptcy. I am being sued by everyone who thinks I’ve got some magical pot of gold at some rainbow, I have no idea," she explained. "But wait a second. If that is proven, what money was allegedly misappropriated? When? How? Does that mean every lawyer’s salary should be clawed back? Does that mean every secretary’s salary needs to be clawed back? Or the referring attorneys? Or anyone else that’s in that business?"

While claims have been made that Girardi's legal troubles began long before Jayne was ever on RHOBH, the "XXPEN$IVE" singer said she would never have gone on the reality TV show if she had known was what going on at the firm, let alone make a song with that title.

"I would not have been on a reality TV show!
" Jayne proclaimed.

"'Cause you can’t hide s**t like this. That’s what I’m saying," she continued. "This is not some master plan. This is not, you know, Erika being some financial f**king mastermind. This is a tragic sequence of events that are completely terrible."

The tense conclusion to the four-part reunion came when Jayne not only expressed sympathy for the victims and their need for justice, but also thanked Cohen and her castmates for listening to her side of the story.

"Thank you for hearing me out today. This is not pretty. It is ugly. I am well aware, and I have been pressed for however many months now, and stories have run wild, and people have filled in the blanks," she explained. "I hope, today, you all leave knowing a little bit more of my side and understand this will not be wrapped up easily. It is a long, arduous process. And all I can do is put one foot in front of the other."

For more the RHOBH season 11 reunion, watch the video below.