ET Obsessions: Bridget Everett, ‘Room 104’ Breakout Karan Soni and 'Girlboss Radio'

ET Obsessions 08/28
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Here’s what ET is obsessing over this week.

Here at ET, we’re obsessed with a lot of things -- and these are the things we’re most excited about this week:

Why We’re Obsessed With Karan Soni on ‘Room 104’

Mark and Jay Duplass’ experimental anthology series, Room 104, has delivered some scary and perplexing episodes in its first season, but none have been more inspired than “The Internet,” the show’s fifth episode about Anish, a young Indian man (played by newcomer Karan Soni) who, in a phone call to his mother, attempts to instruct her how to email him a file from his laptop. The episode is brought together entirely by Soni’s increasingly frustrated performance as Anish deals with his tech-inept mother (a voice cameo by The Night Of’s Poorna Jagannathan). (Mind you, it’s set in 1997.)

And take note of Soni, who audiences may recognize from AT&T commercials or as an unsuspecting taxi driver in Deadpool. He’s a standout here and is set to reprise his role in Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming sequel, which will certainly lead to more awkward moments with fans. At the Room 104 premiere, Soni recalled an encounter at an airport urinal with a man who tried to give him a high-five after recognizing him from Deadpool. “I was like, ‘No way, bro,’” Soni told ET.   

Room 104 airs Fridays at 11:30 p.m. ET on HBO and is streaming on HBO Go/Now. 

Why We’re Obsessed With Bridget Everett

To say Bridget Everett is having a moment is an understatement. The longtime performer has seen her star rise, thanks in large part to her association with Amy Schumer, appearing on her Comedy Central sketch series and Trainwreck, and later for her supporting role on the Netflix series Lady Dynamite. But this summer, she stepped out of Schumer’s shadow with back-to-back releases, Fun Mom Dinner and Patti Cake$, the latter of which is earning Everett praise for her dramatic turn in a story about a young plus-size teen aspiring to be a rapper. Making it all the more impressive is that she’s never taken an acting class before, telling ET, “I’m more, like, street trained. Just in the clubs, you know? And karaoke bars, honestly, just as a way to access rage and joy and things like that.”

Patti Cake$ is now in theaters.

Why We’re Obsessed With ‘Girlboss Radio’

After an eight-month hiatus, Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso is back. The revamped podcast series, “or Girlboss 2.0” as the host puts it, continues to feature boundary-pushing women who have made their mark in business, politics and pop culture. The show’s first new episode, which debuted on Aug. 23, features an interview with esteemed cultural writer and novelist Roxane Gay. And now, the conversation continues beyond the podcast with the expansion of Girlboss Media, “a platform focused on redefining success for a new generation of women,” Amoruso tells the Los Angeles Times.

New episodes of Girlboss Radio can be found at

Why We’re Obsessed With ‘The Chris Gethard Show’

With some of our favorite late-night shows -- namely Full Frontal With Samantha Bee and Last Week Tonight With John Oliver -- taking a brief hiatus, we’ve turned our attention to The Chris Gethard Show on TruTV. Though, it should be said that this is anything but political. Each week, Gethard invites celebrity guests on for an hour of randomness that sees John Mulaney serving as a mediator during a high-stakes battle of “Innocuous Questions, Dire Consequences” and Adam Pally put through the ringer as he and Gethard work out on a bunch of exercise equipment for the duration of the episode.  Fans from the show’s public access days will totally get it, but newcomers are just encouraged to dive in and enjoy.

The Chris Gethard Show airs live on Thursdays at 11 p.m. ET on TruTV.