ET's Matt Cohen Finds Love in New Hallmark Movie 'Made for Each Other': See a First Look (Exclusive)

ET correspondent Matt Cohen stars in 'Made for Each Other,' which premieres Saturday on Hallmark Channel.

ET correspondent Matt Cohen is finding love on Hallmark!

Cohen co-headlines Made for Each Other, Hallmark Channel's new romantic movie opposite Alexandra Turshen, which premieres this Saturday. The "Loveuary" film follows a sculptor, Rachel (Turshen), who uses magic to mold her ideal man, Clay (Aaron O’Connell), into reality but begins to fall for her real-life friend, David (Cohen), and embraces the flaws that make love perfectly imperfect. The cast also includes Illeana Douglas and Teryl Rothery.

ET exclusively debuts a first look from Cohen's upcoming movie, the first sneak peek featuring his character, David, who has a love of comedy, doing stand-up at a local comedy club. When his friends (played by Matty Finochio and Lindsay Nance) swing by for a visit after a long day of wedding planning, they ask if he's ready to settle down with someone.

David, meanwhile, isn't so keen on the idea as he tells them he's "just focused on the work" for the time being. When one of them tries to tell him he doesn't have to choose between love or comedy, he maintains his stance that "comedy makes [him] happy."

In the second clip, David comes by to help Rachel unpack boxes and brings rugelach for sustenance. When one of their friends says they expected him to bring a box of doughnuts, David and Rachel blurt out -- in sync, no less -- that rugelach is better. Unfortunately for David, he may have chosen the wrong filling for the pastry (fig and dates over chocolate?!), and the two begin to adorably bicker over his failed choice.

Watch ET's exclusive sneak peeks above.

Leading up to this weekend's Made for Each Other premiere, Cohen shared a photo from the movie of him and Finochio looking sharp in tailored suits.

Made for Each Other premieres Saturday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.