Eva Mendes Says She's Happy Being 'Home With My Man'

Eva Mendes at New York & Company Store
Andrew Toth/Getty Images for New York & Company

The actress is perfectly happy with life at home with Ryan Gosling and their two girls.

Life has changed a lot for Eva Mendes -- but she couldn't be happier. The 46-year-old actress and mom of two took to Instagram on Sunday to share a glamorous throwback shot of herself running on the beach, commenting on how far that is from her routine these days. 

"Went for a run on the beach this morning🖤," Mendes wrote alongside the black-and-white pic. "No I didn’t. This picture was taken at least 15 years ago. Haven’t seen a beach this year. Haven’t been on a run this year. 🖤." 

Many fans praised Mendes' honesty, while one wrote, "You need to tell Ryan [Gosling] to get you out more." To that, Mendes said she's "good." 

"No thank you, I'm good. Rather be home with my man than anywhere else in the world," Mendes said. 

Mendes, who shares 6-year-old daughter Esmeralda and 4-year-old daughter Amada with Gosling, hasn't starred in a movie since 2014. In an interview with ET earlier this year, she admitted she's now "extreme" about the roles she wants to take on.

"Acting is something that I will always love. It's just like now that I have children, I'm kind of extreme," Mendes said. "There's just so many things I won't do. Like, I won't do most of the movies I've done in the past. A lot of things are off that list. I don't want to do anything too violent. Of course, I don't want to do anything too sexual or sexual at all." 

"So I'm basically like, 'Disney, I'm all yours, Disney,'" she added. "That's all that's left."

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