Evan Rachel Wood Thinks Madonna Will Get a Kick Out of Weird Al Movie (Exclusive)

Evan Rachel Wood
The Roku Channel

The actress opened up to ET about portraying the music icon, and how she'll feel about the film itself.

A long time coming! For Evan Rachel Wood, getting to play the pop megastar Madonna was something of a childhood dream come true, and the singer will soon get a chance to see Wood's portrayal.

The actress -- who stars in the forthcoming parody biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story -- recently sat down with ET and was joined by co-star Daniel Radcliffe and director Eric Appel.

According to Wood, the role was something she'd been inadvertently and unknowingly preparing for since she was young.

"I have been dressing up like Madonna and singing her songs since I was a kid!" Wood shared. "I actually got caught skipping school once. I faked sick so I could stay home just so I could lip-sync to 'Like a Prayer' all day."

"Then my mom walked in when I was full, like, knee slide, I had the candle stick, you know, and she's like tapping her foot," Wood recalled "So yes, I've been preparing for this my whole life."

In the film, Radcliffe portrays the famed accordion-toting parody musician who enjoys a meteoric rise to fame and begins a romance with Madonna that sends him spiraling out of control, like the arc of every beloved musician biopic.

In the movie -- which is a full-blown comedic send-up of the biopic genre -- Madonna comes to Radcliffe's palatial home to ask him to cover one of her iconic songs, thus sparking their (clearly fictitious) sexually-charged relationship.

While Appel has proudly boasted that he did absolutely no actual research into Yankovich's life, and all events depicted in the movie are made up for the sake of comedy, Wood said one element actually may have had a basis in fact.

"l actually just found out that there's one part of the film that's true, which is Madonna reached out to Al to see if he would parody one of her songs," Wood explained. "Which tells me that she's a Weird Al fan, and she's got a sense of humor."

"So I think she'll probably find it amusing," she added with a laugh.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story premieres exclusively on Roku Nov. 4.