EXCLUSIVE: Alex Rodriguez Admits He and Girlfriend Jennifer Lopez Are Inseparable: 'We're Just Best Friends'

The former MLB pro continues to gush to ET about his relationship with the triple-threat star.

No matter how busy they are, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are never away from one another for very long.

Just this week, Rodriguez escorted Lopez to a celebratory event for her show, World of Dance, and the very next day, she joined him for the season 9 premiere of Shark Tank.

The former MLB pro and triple-threat star appear to be nearly inseparable these days, and there's a good reason for that. "I think we're just best friends," Rodriguez told ET's Lauren Zima at the ABC show premiere. "We just love spending time together. Our kids love each other, so it's a good thing."

The 42-year-old athlete and businessman added that they really do enjoy supporting one another. "It's what it's all about," he gushed. "It's a good time for us and it's great to be supportive and loving towards each other." 

Rodriguez also admitted that Lopez, a former American Idol judge, has shared tips with him for judging on a reality competition series such as Shark Tank. "She's kind of the master mind behind television," he said, praising the 48-year-old entertainer. "She's been doing it for so long and she's so natural. It's great, she's a good coach to have."

On Tuesday, Lopez revealed to ET's Cameron Mathison that she and Rodriguez were "absolutely" talking about going into business, and her guy further confirmed the exciting news. 

"We got some things we're working on that we're not really ready to announce yet," Rodriguez teased. "I think her fans [and] my fans are going to be very excited to get involved."

As for why Lopez makes a great business partner, Rodriguez explained, "I'm a big believer in women equality. I feel women should get paid just like men, and I come from a strong mother who had two jobs. I have two daughters. I have a sister. [Jennifer is] the epitome of women power and she's smart in so many ways. She has the ability and business to kind of see around corners and see what's next. No one connects better with her fans than Jennifer."

The new season of ABC's Shark Tank premieres on Oct. 1.