EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Danielle Lombard Says Dean Unglert Isn't 'Ready' to be The Bachelor

Dean Unglert Bachelor in Paradise promo pic

Things seem to be going well between Danielle Lombard and Dean Unglert on Bachelor in Paradise (as well as a love triangle can go, anyway), but their relationship now isn't so rosy. 

"Watching it back, it's cringeworthy," Lombard told ET's Lauren Zima during a Facebook Live interview on Tuesday. "I don't know, in terms of a relationship, how mature [Unglert] is." 

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In the moment, Lombard said she didn't realize how much Unglert was stringing along both her and Kristina Schulman. Looking back, however, she thinks she and Schulman "were both being misled." 

"I think the break messed a lot of things up. People didn't know if the show would resume or not, so going back in, the couples that had started to form had to really reevaluate their relationships. I think when I came in, I definitely ruffled some feathers." 

"They told me the only relationship was Derek and Taylor. I remember directly asking Kristina, 'I know you guys went on a date. What happened?' and she said, 'Oh it went well'...[she didn't] say, 'He's off limits,' or something," Lombard continued. "[Dean] said he felt like things were getting too serious too quickly and he wanted to take a step back and date other people."

While Lombard says "it's still kind of a tough situation to be in," she hopes the best for Schulman -- but doesn't have the highest hopes for Unglert as the next Bachelor. 

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"Since it's so hard for him to make up his mind between two women, I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be if you have 30 women to choose from," she explained, instead suggesting Wells Adams for the position. "I don't know if [Dean's] really ready to take on that role yet."

"I just think he has a lot of growing up to do to better understand what a relationship is. I don't think he even understands what it's like to date properly," Jasmine Goode added of Unglert's "ping pong" personality in Paradise. "I love Dean, but no [he's not ready to get married]." 

"I just don't think he's ready for that step. To be the lead on the show, you have to be ready to get engaged. That's what you want at the end of it, and I don't see him even close to that," she said. 

Goode and Lombard also weighed in on Corinne Olympios, who will tell her side of the story about season four's shutdown controversy on Tuesday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise. 

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"I think she was really afraid to come out and make a public statement, and I think what we're going to see when she makes her appearance is hopefully her confessing and explaining the story from her side," Lombard said. "But in complete truth and honesty, I hope." 

"I'm not trying to make excuses for her, but I think she was probably scared and didn't know what to do," Goode agreed. "You just like, kind of say something [like] you're the victim and it makes it sound like you're the one that got hurt]." 

"I don't know all the details, but I have heard rumors that she's really honest about what happened," she said of how Olympios will handle the sitdown interview with Chris Harrison. "We were all confused." 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.