EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’ Couple Jessica and Cody Talk Next Relationship Steps -- Is Someone Moving?

ET caught up with the pair after Wednesday’s finale, where Cody also revealed why he cast his vote for Josh and reacted to his ‘America’s Favorite’ win.

Jody forever!

Big Brother power couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are in it for the long haul. ET caught up with the pair in the Big Brother backyard after Wednesday night’s finale, where Cody called Jessica his “forever girl.”

“I am just extremely happy to be with her,” he shares, with a smile. “I haven't been around somebody I trusted for who knows how long. So, I'm just happy to be around somebody I can trust.”

Cody wouldn’t reveal the first thing he thought when he saw Jessica on the Big Brother stage after five weeks apart (“It’s not appropriate for television!”), but he will follow her lead when it comes to next steps -- which might mean a move for one of them. Cody lives in Dallas, while Jess calls Los Angeles home.

“We have a gameplan,” Jessica teases. “You guys will have to wait and see … . I think after tonight, you're gonna see us permanently attached to each other.”

For now, the couple is celebrating Cody’s own win on Wednesday. He took home the “America’s Favorite” title -- and a $25,000 check!

“Yeah, I don't understand that at all,” he admits. “She campaigned like hell for me … She's awesome. Like, she impresses me every day. She's incredible.”

“I asked our fans to unite the vote, and they united the vote, and I couldn't be more satisfied,” Jessica adds.

She’s also satisfied with Cody’s deciding vote in the finale, which resulted in Josh Martinez winning over Paul Abrahamian.

“It just shows, he's exactly who I thought he was,” she gushes. “He flipped the house, he flipped the vote and it was very satisfying to watch.”

“I mean, I don't like either of them,” Cody admits. “So, it's just one of those deals where, Paul was, like, behind some curtain, while Josh is actually heads up in my face. So, I actually respect that more than somebody that's supposedly a puppetmaster behind a curtain.”

Check out the video below to hear host Julie Chen’s reaction to Cody’s vote.