EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’ Couple Raven and Matt Talk Next Steps, Respond to the #ExposeRavenParty

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Matt Clines and Raven Walton are ready to turn their Big Brother showmance into a romance.

“I’m excited to see [what] the future … holds for me and Matthew,” Raven gushes to ET after the finale. “We have connected on a whole new level.”

“We're gonna see what happens,” Matt adds. “We're gonna hang around California for a week, spend time with each other. We haven't known each other for a single minute outside of this house, so yeah, I'm excited to get to know Raven outside of the house and see where it goes. I'm excited.”

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Leaving the Big Brother house also means facing the fans of the show for the first time. Viewers questioned Raven’s backstory a lot, often with the hashtag #ExposeRavenParty. They dug up past local news stories about Raven and her family after the dance teacher shared a lot of information with her fellow houseguests on past medical procedures, diseases and family history, that even some of them questioned. The main stories involved her gastroparesis diagnosis (she has a “pacemaker” that helps her digest food), a bum knee and her mom being a member of Mensa.

“If you want to question it, that's fine,” Raven says. “Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I just really wanted to be an open book. I do have a lot wrong with me and I didn't use it as a crutch. I just wanted to educate people and inspire people.”

“I believe everything Raven said in the house,” Matt says. “If she was making that stuff up, that's a heck of a good story, 'cause that is very unique. So, yeah, maybe some of it wasn't true, and I'm assuming she'll let me know if it wasn't. I mean, I did see the scar and the pacemaker, so I'm assuming at least part of that to be true.”

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“A lot of people are like, ‘You don't look sick,’” Raven continues. “I've had that even before I went on the show … Well, you can't see it. There's something wrong with me on the inside. I do have a lot wrong with me, and to clear this up -- I said in the house, my mom could be a part of Mensa. She went to law school. Unfortunately, she got sick and was not able to graduate. She could join Mensa tomorrow. She's a very intelligent woman and I'm proud to be her daughter.”

“I'm a sick woman,” she says. “I do have terminal illnesses. I don't let it stop me, I don't let it bring me down.”

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