EXCLUSIVE: Carly Rae Jepsen Dishes on Katy Perry Tour, Says the Wait Will Be 'Worth It'

The 31-year-old singer shared her tour must-haves with ET on Saturday.

Carly Rae Jepsen is ready to go on tour with Katy Perry!

ET's Lauren Zima chatted with the 31-year-old singer at the premiere of her new movie, Leap!, at the Grove in Los Angeles on Saturday, where she dished on being part of Perry's highly-anticipated Witness tour.


"Her people call[ed] my people," Jepsen told ET about how she got asked to join Perry's tour. "It was nice and I've obviously known her throughout the years and we get along great. So it'll be a lot of fun I'm sure."

Earlier this week, Perry announced that she had to delay the official kick-off of her tour, explaining that she had "unavoidable production delays."

Jepsen shared that she was "in the dark" about having to push back the concerts, but added, "I'm sure the wait will be well [worth] it."

The "Cut to the Feeling" singer will open for Perry starting Jan. 5 through Feb. 5. So what are some of Jepsen's tour must-haves?

"I do a lot of writing when I'm on the road," she shared. "So I always have a little acoustic guitar with me and [a] recording gear set up, like those mini microphones and, I don't know, you can make a back of the bus studio if you really have all the pieces. So that would be number one. And number two, I think, [a] really good, fun, light book to read. I usually go for, like, the old period pieces."

Jepsen also hopes to "get some hangs" with Perry while on tour. "We definitely have had some fun nights before," she added. "Tours [are] always busy. You never know how much time you have off to rest your voice, but if we can get in some partying [at] the end, I'm just, we will!"

ET was also invited to the set of Jepsen's new music video for "Cut the Feeling." The fun track is featured in Leap!, where Jepsen will also voice the character, Odette. The Weinstein Co. animated film hits theaters Aug. 25. 

Watch below for the exclusive look at the video and more!

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