EXCLUSIVE: Debra Messing Dishes on Why the 'Will & Grace' Revival Is Ditching the Original Series Finale

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As anticipation builds for the return of Will & Grace, ET chatted with Debra Missing at the Tribeca TV Festival for the latest on shooting the new episodes.

"I think it was after we shot the first episode live in front of the audience, that's when it hit me," the 49-year-old actress said of going back to work on the show. "I mean, we all came out and we realized that it's another show night like exactly like 11 years ago and we all just got very teary-eyed."  

"It was really an incredible moment. That was when I realized, we're really doing this."

After the emotions calmed down, it was easy to get back to work.

"It all felt exactly the same," Messing said.

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Well, with maybe one difference.

"I mean, I think that we're a little bit slower, maybe? 11 years later, I think maybe it takes us five seconds instead of one second to remember a new joke, that's what I noticed."

There is going to be one big difference for viewers, though. Forgoing the original series finale -- which featured a 20-year time jump to Will and Grace each having children -- the new episodes will instead focus on the core four of Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen.

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"I was surprised by it when they explained the reasoning," Messing said of the change. "It made complete sense to me, because if we had kids then the show would be about Will and Grace as parents, and if we ignored the kids and just focused on the four of us then we would be bad parents, and no one wants to see Will and Grace be bad parents." 

"So, we're back to the four of us, which is really where it all began and where the magic sort of lives."

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Fans are making big plans for the series return on Sept. 28 on NBC, and so is Messing.

"We need to have a screening!" she declared. "Like, I mean, we have to have a viewing party. I bet it's going to be at Sean's house. It will be popcorn and in our pajamas!"

For more on the series return, watch the video below!