EXCLUSIVE: Dolly Parton Surprises Kellie Pickler on First Episode of Her New Talk Show -- Watch!

The 'American Idol' alum got the surprise of her life!

Kellie Pickler got one heck of a surprise while filming the first episode of her new talk show, Pickler & Ben -- and only ET has an exclusive clip!

It was business as usual for the American Idol alum and her co-host, Ben Aaron, while filming their Nashville-based program, when Pickler's idol, Dolly Parton, decided to stop by and say hello. 

"I'm on my way to see Kellie and Ben. They don't know that I'm coming, unless they can smell me. She knows my perfume. She says she can smell me a mile away, but today, I'm hoping she don't, because I'm going to walk in there and I'm going to surprise her," Parton tells the camera while walking backstage. 

"I hope she'll be pleased," she adds. "If not, I'm going anyway!"

See Pickler's adorable reaction in the video player above. 

George Burns, Jr

Pickler & Ben, executive produced by Faith Hill, premieres Sept. 18 and will air weekdays on CMT beginning Sept. 19. Find out where to watch here. 

And see more on Parton in the video below.