EXCLUSIVE: Fergie Recalls Being 'Totally Nervous' to Kiss Milo Ventimiglia in 'Big Girls Don't Cry' Video

"He's such a great actor and really such a great guy."

Before Milo Ventimiglia was a TV heartthrob on This Is Us, Fergie took notice of him on Heroes and got him to star in her music video for her 2006 ballad, "Big Girls Don't Cry."

In an exclusive interview with ET's Keltie Knight, the 42-year-old pop star admitted that she wasn't yet a natural with onscreen love scenes when she made the video with Ventimiglia, who portrays her handsome, oftentimes shirtless, boyfriend. 

"It was super fun shooting that video because I got to have some of the fun that Josh [Duhamel] gets to have on his movies," she said, referring to her estranged husband's acting career. "Of course I was totally nervous about the whole thing. I didn't know how to make out for camera."

Fergie said she asked Ventimiglia to guide her through the kissing scenes. "I just had to tell him, like, 'Please help me with this,'" she remembered. "'I wanna just try to be in the moment, if you could help me. I don't wanna be thinking about where's the light and where's the camera because I'll just completely be hidden under hair.'"


So, was he a good teacher? "He was so great," Fergie gushed over her former music video co-star.

Over 10 years later, the triple-threat star is still a fan of Ventimiglia and obviously enjoys his role on This Is Us. "I do watch This Is Us, are you kidding me?" she quipped. "I do live on this planet! It's such an amazing show. It's so great to see [Milo on the program]. He's such a great actor and really such a great guy."

Fergie also confided to ET that she still has a lot of love for Duhamel, even after their recent split.

"We're great friends, Josh and I, there's so much love that we have for each other," she explained. "We really like each other, we have fun with each other. We're just not a romantic couple anymore."

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