EXCLUSIVE: Fergie Reveals How Beyonce Inspired Her New Visual Album: 'She Is the Queen B'

The 42-year-old singer is just as inspired by Beyonce as we all are.

Fergie is just as inspired by Beyonce as we all are. 

ET's Keltie Knight spoke with the 42-year-old singer as she premiered her new visual album, Double Dutchess, at the Tuck Room at iPic Theaters New York City on Wednesday, where she revealed how the "Formation" singer played a part in her latest project.

"[My album] is completely different than Beyonce's [Lemonade], but absolutely, she's an inspiration to me in all areas," Fergie shared. "Performance, drive, balance -- I mean, she is the Queen B." 

"How can you not be inspired by her?" she asked. 

"Beyonce, of course, paving the way, Justin Bieber doing his version, having Parris [Goebel] choreograph and all the dancers... it keeps it interesting," Fergie continued. "It used to be, back in the day, you'd do one video, because you're waiting for a video channel to play that video, but now, on cell phones, everywhere, in iPic [theaters], you can go see everything, so why not make it a visual feast and a visual treat." 

While the mother of one took inspiration from other artists, she made sure to do her visual album her way. 

"I kinda just stumbled. You know me, I'm kind of clumsy, so mine's more stumbling in each experience and adventure, and that's more what it is," she explained. "It's kind of like a photo album of the last few years of my life." 

Fergie's Double Dutchess also includes a few celeb cameos, like Kendall Jenner, who stars in her latest video for "Enchante." 

"I always like to have a bag full of tricksies," the singer teased. "It is all in the family, because Kim [Kardashian] did M.I.L.F.$, and I have known the girls, the whole family for a long time." 

Fergie's new album, Double Dutchess: Seeing Double, is out now.

See more in the video below.