EXCLUSIVE: Frankie Muniz Says He Spends 7 Hours a Day on Back Therapy for 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Pain won't stop Frankie Muniz from reaching for that mirrorball trophy!

After delivering a solid tango that received high praise from the judges on Monday night's Dancing With the Stars, ET caught up with the Malcolm in the Middle star, where he revealed the lengths he's going to to work through a back injury. 

"I broke my back seven, eight years ago," Muniz revealed. "It is not something that I think about anymore, but it happened." 

And the stress of two dances is definitely putting pressure on the 31-year-old

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"It has been hurting so bad all week to where, with having to learn two dances, we have had to slow down and end early, which I hate because I want to work as hard as possible and I am scared," Muniz shared. 

"I want to make sure we are ready, so there is a fine line of how hard do you work to how hard do you take care of your back, so I am hoping it holds up for tomorrow," he added.

But Muniz maintains a strict physical therapy regimen in addition to his dance rehearsals to make it work.

"We rehearse five hours, but then I spend about seven hours literally trying to heal, doing whatever I can," he said.

"I wake up in the morning and I do yoga 'cause I need to stretch," Muniz noted. "I need to make sure I am opening everything up and I am loose, then I go to rehearsal, then I go to cryo, then I go to the physical therapist to stretch me out and adjust my hips because my hips are supposedly really crooked which I didn't know until this."

He even admitted that his nerves can still get the best of him.

"I was, like, 'OK, we have done this before, I know the process,' but as soon as we went live, I turned into a nightmare again and Witney had to put up with it," he added.

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But partner Witney Carson is supportive of his dedication and hard work.

"Dream partner right here," she said. "One-hundred percent, I don't have to tell him one thing. He just does it."

"I want this more than anyone has ever wanted it," Muniz said. "I love this. I didn't know I would."

He and Witney also have another goal: Beat Rashad Jennings' practice hours!

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"They were like, 'So guess the celebrity who has practiced the most out of everyone on the show?' and it was Rashad Jennings," Carson told ET. "And he was like, 'We are going to beat that!'"

"I am like, 'I am going to do 390 hours this week,'" Muniz declared.

For more on Muniz and this season of DWTS, watch the video below!